I’m so hurt :( I’m taking a break

I can’t even write for the blog, I have been abandoned yet again. :,,,,(.ttyl Advertisements Continue reading I’m so hurt 🙁 I’m taking a break


“All money isn’t good money”

All money isn’t good money, they say. But Sprint doesn’t care if it’s good money or bad money that pays the bill, if it don’t get it’s money Sprint is going to cut your phone off The luxury of only choosing sources of money that are “good” is one that is often not afforded to many of us. We may strive to reach a point … Continue reading “All money isn’t good money”

Everyone should have a home phone

Who can forget their first love experience? Not the stressful love you went through in high school. I’m talking about that innocent love you first had for someone in elementary school. I’m talking about spending recess with the person or thing you loved  sharing your brownie with the colorful sprinkles with them   And talking dirty to them on the house phone. Well, maybe not … Continue reading Everyone should have a home phone

Asians are cuter than other people

Despite continual efforts it is difficult to deny scientific fact. Although that difficulty has been lessened over the years a couple of facts remain. Pancakes are the bomb and Asians are cute. One can debate one of the aforementioned facts, but scientific evidence proves that many persons from the continent of Asia posses a gene specifically meant to make them cute. Cuteness is defined as … Continue reading Asians are cuter than other people