Asians are cuter than other people

Despite continual efforts it is difficult to deny scientific fact. Although that difficulty has been lessened over the years a couple of facts remain. Pancakes are the bomb and Asians are cute. One can debate one of the aforementioned facts, but scientific evidence proves that many persons from the continent of Asia posses a gene specifically meant to make them cute. Cuteness is defined as … Continue reading Asians are cuter than other people


Does race matter in camming? part 1

As I frequently note, I grew up in a neighborhood comprised of mostly Black Americans. As a result of this lack of diversity a comfortableness with expressing stereotypes based on race was common. It was not unusual to hear “Black people always loud” or “you know white people can’t dance” quite frequently. Although I have been exposed to vast diversity since my childhood and repeatedly … Continue reading Does race matter in camming? part 1

Why Black girls have big butts

Disclaimer: Some people love to claim that “we are all the same”. This ideal is unfortunately not true. There are various physiological adaptations that groups of people have developed as a result of external circumstances pertaining to them over thousands of years. An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed in the differences between African elephants and Asian elephants. They are both elephants, however differences … Continue reading Why Black girls have big butts

Don’t donate to charity!

A popular phenomenon that has been evidenced for years now is that of sharing a percentage of your income with charitable organizations. Whether it’s the insistence of paying 10 % of your income every Sunday to God (God is synonymous to pastor, they have to pay their mortgage some way!) or giving 10 cents a day to a starving child in Africa; giving financially is … Continue reading Don’t donate to charity!

Get more out of your liquor!

I pride myself on not talking about or advocating for anything that I have not personally done or experienced. If I advocate for purchasing high quality and lower priced articles of clothing from thrift stores in lieu of maxxing out your credit cards buying new name brand clothing pieces at stores, its because I’ve been there. Keeping in line with that, I cannot advocate for … Continue reading Get more out of your liquor!