Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and to be honest I’m not nearly as excited as everyone around me. This isn’t really a new phenomenon, I haven’t really been a Christmas fan since I got my own job and just brought the things that I wanted throughout the year.  I no longer had to wait for Christmas to get an item that I wanted; I just had to … Continue reading Christmas is coming!


Thanksgiving Clapback pregame!

You know how one specific store that starts with a W and ends with an Art notably begins selling decoration and apparel for holidays about two months before the actual holiday?  Am I the only one who thinks that October is a bit early for Christmas trees?  It kind of diminishes the magical holiday feel of a holiday when anticipation for it begins two months … Continue reading Thanksgiving Clapback pregame!

Decorate your bedroom for Halloween!

The greatest element of any holiday is the feeling it invokes in you.  On Christmas it is a feeling of warmth and joy, Thanksgiving it’s the feeling of gratitude and abundance, and on Halloween it’s eeriness and the impending feeling of doom. The feeling of being scared is addictive.  Proof of this can be found in the popularity of Stephen King books, American Horror Story, … Continue reading Decorate your bedroom for Halloween!