Top drugstore skincare products

I love accentuating my beauty with makeup as much as the next beautiful girl and I have discovered the best foundation ever.  It does not cost one hundred dollars or even come in a bottle.  The best foundation to your makeup is clean and healthy skin.  Luckily it does not cost a fortune.  Listed below are the best skincare products that you can find at … Continue reading Top drugstore skincare products


The Best Online Thrift stores

Shopping can be draining,  All that people interaction and walking and stuff.  Sometimes you just feel like lying on your bed and binge watching a show on Netflix. (minus the partner in this picture, most of us are forever alone😭) Fortunately the peoples cries of wanting to shop in their pajamas was heard faster than God heard the cries of the Hebrew slaves (just kidding).  … Continue reading The Best Online Thrift stores

Aliexpress is far from crappy

At work one day I overheard a coworker ask another coworker how were the products on Aliexpress.  She responded that they were crappy and then proceeded to show her online examples of the product failures received by patrons of  Alieepress.  Upon hearing her response of “crappy” in response to the question posed of how was Alieexpress I strongly disagreed, I have had nothing but positive … Continue reading Aliexpress is far from crappy

How to find luxury items at the thrift store

  So most of us are familiar with the “urban legend” of finding a luxury item in a pile of Mens tee shirts and children socks at Goodwill.  Stories of finding Birkin bags or Loubotins at a thrift store are commonly dismissed as aspirational stories that could never possibly happen.  But that phenomenon has happened frequently in the past and can happen to you! To … Continue reading How to find luxury items at the thrift store

Best sewing machine for thrifting projects

You have been on the hunt for a pair of high-rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets.  You can imagine how great they will look on you.  Not to mention how fashion forward they will be!  You have seen them in all the high-fashion magazines and street wear blogs and know they are about to be mainstream.  You are determined to rock them before … Continue reading Best sewing machine for thrifting projects