My thrift playlist

One of my thrifting tips is to thrift with music.  Thrifting is self-care, and with any socially accepted method of self care (massage, excercise, cleaning, meditation, etc.) it is accentuated by music.  So below I listed MY top 10 jams that I have to have in my thrifting playlist.

1.  Got Friends by Goldlink ft. Miguel

This is a modern tune with a mix of soul and flavor.  It is reminiscent of Ashanti and Ja Rule.  It’s the true bad and boujee of our day.  This song starts thrifting off right, it emulates how the thrift can be boujee or bad.

2. Love XYZ by Luke James

This is a slow tune with calming notes.  Luke James voice reminds me of a warn bath, and who doesn’t want to feel that?  Plus he’s my celeb crush and you know I have to listen to my man.

Throwback picture of bae with his homies

3. Is this love? by Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine’s voice covering a Bob Marley classic is a dream.

4. Guess who loves you more by Raheem DeVaugn

This is truly a hit that brings me back to the ’90’s.

5. Lucid by Cocaine 80’s

I personally love Cocaine 80″s and listen to them exclusively at thrifting adventures sometimes.  Their music utilizes a broad range of instruments and is soothing.  Honestly this spot could go to any Cocaine 80’s song.

6. You by Goapele ft. Dwele

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.  Ahh when I hear it I’m back on the bus in 8th grade with my iPod sitting in the middle with all of the other wannabe cool kids.  This song is really getting harder and harder to find so I’ll just put it here so that we can get it now.


7. Like a star by Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine is soooo underrated, this girl is an icon and this song proves it!  Smooth and slow like the majority of her songs this one stands out as it allows her to showcase her  true vocal range.

8. Yele by Wyclef Jean

Sung entirely in Haitian Kreyol this tune has a great melody and musical accompaniment so even if you do not know the language you will still be enjoyed.

9. Green eyes by Erykah Badu

The raspy voice of Erykah is the perfect voice to relax and thrift to.

10. You got me by The Roots and Erykah Badu

My favorite song by the Roots ever.  The lyrics, the flow, the drums, the bass,  everything is so on point.  THIS is how Hip hop is supposed to sound.

Your thrift playlist is supposed to be background music and not heavy with lyrical content, so avoid old school hip hop or conscious rap where they actually have bars.

Mumble rap should be fine then.

But your thrift playlist is like any playlist.  It should be unique to YOU and have music that gets you motivated and excited to do something.  I get motivated and refreshed by RnB, Afrocentric type music, what kind of music puts you in a good mood?

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