You can always find this item at thrift stores


If you filled in the blank with “a blazer” you are correct.  Pat yourself on the back.  My favorite clothing item of all time is the blazer.  You can dress its up with a black pencil skirt and go to a meeting or dress it down with a body con dress and look cute and casual at the club.  Blazers are also super versatile in print.  You can have them the Will way or the Carlton way, its up to you.

That being said the Golden Age of the blazer was the decade of 1980.  Blazers were all the rage and fashion companies produced blazers in unique patterns, colors, and fabrics.  Blazers looked good and made being warm look fashionable.  Now in present day I want to be warm while still looking fashionable but blazers are not nearly as bountiful or unique in 2018 as they were in 1988.  You’d be lucky to find a blazer in a color other than black or blue and don’t even try to find a blazer in a pattern.

But if you’re like me and still love blazers in 2018 don’t fret because the thrift store got you.  A lot of the people that wore funny patterned blazers in the ’80’s grew up and unique blazers no longer fit their wardrobe so they donated them to thrift stores where people like you and I can buy them๐Ÿ˜€.  The only thing is that these blazers tend to have shoulder pads.  Luckily removing shoulder pads is really easy.

My favorite place to find blazers is a thrift store.  You can ALWAYS find at least one blazer that you like when thrifting, even when you’re not looking for it.  A couple of the blazers that I have found at thrift stores are below.  I got them all from Asos Marketplace!


This lovely striped blazer is my favorite clothing item right now..  Stripes are so hot!  I like wearing it with a plain tank, leather body con skirt, and heeled sandals.  Its perfect to wear for a night out.  Instead of wearing a statement necklace I wear a statement jacket.


The second blazer I want to mention is a cross between a jacket and a blazer, I call it a blazer but some people think its a jacket, what do you think?  Anyways, I love how ornate the buttons are as well as the pattern.  It gives me middle aged lady at church vibes.  It has a matching ankle length skirt and I wore it to church Sunday.


Ok, so I lied.  I said that the striped blazer was my favorite clothing item right now and it’s not.๐Ÿ˜–.  This blazer is.  Look at the pattern!  It gives All That tease.  (I’m a 90’s kid so that means something to me).  When I look at it everything around me disappears and I’m back sitting on the floor in my mawmaws house watching Pokemon.  Ahhh the nostalgia.

What’s your favorite thing to thrift?


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