How to resell thrift store items and make money part 1

In part one I want to list the best items to resell

A great way to make some extra cash is by reselling thrift store items on a platform like Ebay or Postmark for a profit.  Many people have done this successfully over the years.  One such person who has found success in this venture is  Alexandra Marques. She makes $5,000 per month reselling clothes and accessories on Poshmark.

Now reselling items is even easier with the emergence of  online thrift stores.  This alleviates the stress of having to tug yourself and maybe a couple little ones through a crowded store.  Now you can relax with a glass of wine and peruse online for items to buy and resell.  Below is a list of the top 8 items to buy and resell at thrift stores.

1. Name Brand Clothing


A lot of people want name brands and the perceived elevated status that wearing them will bring but do not want to spend the loads of money that name brand clothing typically requires.  Luckily there are some people who sell name brand clothing items for half the price that one could buy them at a department store.  One of those people will be you soon!

Name brand clothing is also really high-selling because many buyers specifically look for items from a particular brand.

2. Video Games


Video games or toys can be so nostalgic.  A game of Pokemon yellow on your Gameboy color can bring up warm memories of spending weekends at your grandmas house :).  What was your first or favorite video game as a child?  Was it for Atari?  Nintendo 64? Gameboy color?  The answer doesn’t really matter, what does is that a lot of people would pay large sums of money for those memories.  Thankfully their desires can be fulfilled through online vendors who purchase older video games at thrift stores and resell them.



According to the Motley Fool on average Americans spend $929 on gifts per year.  That;s a lot of money spent on “Best dad ever” and “#1 Boyfriend” mugs.  Not to mention those cheesy valentines day mugs stuffed with tissue paper and a stuffed animal on top.  No matter what the holiday, a nice mug makes for a great gift.  A lot of persons opt for a mug making them highly demanded and super profitable when adequately priced.

4. Toys


A lot like video games toys can play upon nostalgia.  For this reason older toys that are no longer produced have greater selling power.  My mother always quipped about toys from  her childhood that she would pay large sums of money for.  I don’t particularly have a nostalgic connection to any toys other than games for the Gameboy or Nintendo 64, do you?

5. Plates


Collectible plates are a big thing and collectors will pay large sums to add to their collection.  Thrift stores have loads of dinnerware in their inventory.  Although one may view a Disney plate for .25 cents undesirable that plate may be apart of a collection and a plate collector might be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for that .25 cent plate.  Plates are really profitable.

6. Clothing with tags


The number one rule of thrift store flipping is that if it has a tag, buy it.  You can list the item as new with tags and it will fetch a much higher price than that same item without tags.  There is actually a large group of buyers who only buy clothing with tags.

7.  Books and Textbooks


I purchased all of my books in college from thrift stores.  Thrift stores are great places to find textbooks as students donate them without knowing their resale value and thrift stores tend to sell them at a really low price.  Book collections are also really great sellers.  Book lots that are subject themed or contain a series are really great sellers.  Book collectors are pretty serious about books they want.  I know because I am one.  I once as in a bid war for a Cirque du Freak box set that went up to $300!

8. Sporting Equipment


Sporting Equipment is expensive, so many look at online retailers to buy sporting equipment.  Sporting goods are also great to sell in lots.  Rather then sell everything individually it is better to sell a “softball bundle” or “football starter kit” etc. with everything needed.  It’s a hassle to go around looking for cleats on one site, pads on another etc,  Getting to buy everything in one fell swoop os relieving!

Tune in for part 2 to discover more tips on reselling items!

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20 thoughts on “How to resell thrift store items and make money part 1

  1. I have never really considered this option! I have so many unused clothes with tags (mostly gifted to me) and I not in my taste which i would love to give away and make some cash.

  2. Nice! This article is really helpful. I will keep it in mind. I have plenty of things to sell. 🙂

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