How to resell thrift store items and make money part 2

So you read part 1 of the series titled How to sell items at a thrift store for profit and used the tips you got from that article to buy some items that you now wish to sell!  Congratulations you are now on the next step!  So now that you have the items you need to know where you can sell them, luckily that information can be found below as the 6 best reselling vendors to use are listed below.


A common debate among resellers is whether it is better to sell clothes on Mercari or Postmark.  I, personally, am on the fence about that debate as I like buying and selling on both apps.  There are obvious benefits to selling on Poshmark.  Among them is the fact that shipping costs are covered by the buyer.  This alleviates a lot of stress on behalf of the seller.  Another plus is that Poshmark allows you share pieces in your closet with possible buyers.  It’s like free advertising!  A negative aspect of the site is that Poshmark takes 20% of your sales revenue, forcing you to have to raise prices to account for this.


I personally have found the greatest success in selling nostalgic items such as toys and the now extinct Barnum Animal Cracker box (RIP) as I have found the electronics market to be oversaturated with items and the clothing section to be so full of extremely cheap, fast fashion items that sellers are not willing to pay more than $10.00.  However, Ebay does come equipped with an easy to use site as well as international name recognition that offers buyers hailing from countries other than just the USA.


On Mercari you can sell any item, from clothing to electronics!  I have noticed, however, that clothing seems to sell faster on this app.  That leads me to another point, Mercari is only available as an app and not a website.  Therefore you do not have the option of listing items from your computer.  Also of note is the fact that Mercari is VERY strict, the app will kick you off for something as simple as using stock photos.  Thankfully the app does not take a share of your earnings allowing you to keep all revenue for yourself.


This is also an app on your phone that you can download which is akin ti Craigslist.  You are able to meet buyers and sell to them directly in person.


This store is kind of like Craigslist in that you list pieces of furniture then the buyer come to you to get it and pays you for it directly.  There is no middle man involved meaning that revenue for the seller is usually higher as it has no fees to account for.


Snupps is an app that really combines eBay and social media.  It’s like if Facebook and Ebay had a baby that child would be Snupps.  Snaps allows you to connect your Ebay store so that those interested in purchasing an item can also do so from there.  Soups also has a really cool feature called groups.  It allows you to create a group with a theme and people who want to buy or sell or just interested in that theme can join the group and post there.

What are your favorite places to sell your finds?

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