T-shirts are anything but boring

The t-shirt is often thought of as a basic essential.  You get one at your kids’ school “Relay for Life” event for participating or maybe took one from your significant other to sleep in.  You may even have purchased a few “nice” t shirts to wear when running errands to not look like a slob.  Whatever the reason t-shirts are viewed as a simple article of clothing to be worn in one way and no other,  When you hear the word t-shirt your mind probably goes to this:


But a t shirt can be many other things.

Below is a list of the top 7 things you can make out of a t shirt without having to sew.  Many of us weren’t blessed with amazing sewing skills so the following t-shirt hacks only require scissors.

1. Apron


DIY steps: Here

This is my most used clothing hack.  It is easy, simple, and free!  When you successfully figure out how to do this you will never get spaghetti sauce on your cooking clothes again!

2. Necklace


DIY steps: Here

I absolutely love the statement necklace.  It takes any outfit from 0 to 100 real quick.

I like to lounge around in black leggings and a tank top.  So I look basic.  But if I throw on a statement necklace I suddenly go from basic to baddie.  Luckily a quality statement necklace doesn’t have to break the bank.  With the option to turn a basic t shirt into a beautiful statement piece everyone can be a baddie.

3. Cozy square top


DIY steps: Here

This top just screams hot chocolate, blanket, and Netflix!  This hack works best with a really large shirt.  So you can peruse the mens clothes to find your future cozy square shirt.

4. Workout shirtDIY-Racerback-Workout-Shirt-Tutorial

DIY steps: Here

After doing 30 minutes or so of cardio chances are your armpit sweat has had its chance to ruin your expensive workout shirt.  Pit stains are inevitable, one way to minimize them is by going sleeveless!  Also, if you do manage to ruin this shirt and have to throw it out  chances are you did not pay as much for the t shirt as you would for an activewear top.

5. Tank Top


DIY steps: Here

There are few things better than feeling the breeze on your shoulders on a hot summers day,  This shoulder action is easily obtained by following the steps listed in the tutorial.

Random fact: Showing your shoulder used to be considered immodest back in the day and still is in some places.

6. Dolman tee


DIY steps: Here

Remember on your High Schools Homecoming Day you would get that big shirt and tie it in the back with a hair tie for a fitted look?  This is the grown woman version of that.

7. Cardigan


DIY steps: Here

Cardigans are similar to statement necklaces, they have the ability to take your outfit from basic to baddie, but they have the added benefit of being able to keep you warm. This simple DIY details how you can make one out of a t-shirt!

What is your favorite t shirt hack?  Mines is the apron.

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