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So it’s Sunday.  The day before Monday.  I can never truly relax on Sundays because I know that Monday is coming.  Like how you can’t really sleep deeply and get comfortable when you know there’s a rogue roach in your house that will crawl all over your face.  And before you think my house must be dirty because I have roaches, know that I’m from Louisiana, roaches don’t care how clean your house is here, they still will walk into the crib like

What is the roach of the north?  Or what won’t leave your vicinity no matter what?  If your answer is your significant other, pet, or family the following meme is for you:th


Ok roaches and husbands aside Sundays are pretty sweet.  They are the one day of the week when you can relax.  Usually your laundry’s done by then, your house is cleaned and your errands have been run, now you can relax.  Personally I love to relax by thrifting and then sorting my finds to the sweet voice of Bruce Bruce.  I love laughing and thrifting.  So to have them both is the equivalent of having pizza for dinner then donuts for dessert.

So on this beautiful day I want to give you “The top 10 thrift store memes” to help you relax!

1. Cheap clothes are the new black


2. Living Dangerously like Barrington Levy



3. Going in for one thing, coming out with ten


4. It’s never a right time to say goodbye


5, OG Thrifter


6. Donate


7. Good intentions


8. Bernie!


9. My face exactly


10.  What about the hipsters?


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