Cute ways to store your thrift finds

So you have purchased great things that you would like to sell from thrift stores, you have read through the guides on reselling here and here, you have read through my upcoming article containing tips on selling on eBay and poshmark, so now you are ready to start reselling!  Your only dilemma now is figuring out where to put all your inventory and supplies that you want to resell.

I know the struggle of accidentally wearing your new designer find that you intended to sell because it was in the closet with your clothes.  From that mistake I learned that it was best to separate my finds that I wanted to sell.  I also learned that it was better to have all of the items that you will use for reselling (shipping boxes, tape, scissors, etc.) stored in one place as well.  Of course I wanted my storage to look cute, because beautiful contents need to be stored beautifully.  So I have found several storage pieces that I use on  Amazon and I want to share them with you all!

Clothing rack



Clothing racks are everything.  They’re like a second closet on wheels.  Before I started reselling I would hang my frequently worn clothes on them; like my jean jacket that I always wear or a white tank top.  Now that I am reselling I hang up the clothes that I want to resell and put the shoes that I’m reselling below it.  I got the rack pictured from Amazon.

Storage boxes


I absolutely adore this storage box with two sides because it allows me to put practical items such as paper, scissors, tape,etc. on one side and smaller items that I plan to sell on the other.


I purchased this dresser from a thrift store a few weeks back and I swear I’m going to redo it!  It will look like an HGTV project, wait and see :).  Anyways, I love the idea of having a dresser specifically designated for clothes that you plan on reselling.  I found a cheap dupe on Amazon.



Bookshelves are a resellers best friend.  You can store your books on them obviously, but you can also use book shelves to store DVD;s, video games, toys, shoes, etc.  The house where I live has a built in bookshelf so I don’t have to buy an external one anymore, but below is my bookshelf recommendation!

Wall hangers


I got this wall hanger yearssss ago when I was a young bright eyed teenager ready to be scammed by nigerian princes and buy every beauty item some youtube said was good.  A lot has changed over the years but one thing has remained the same.  That’s this hangers ability to hang onto things.  This hanger will hang onto your relationship, grudges, clothes, etc.  It always has your back.  Whether you’re taking pictures or just hanging clothes to resell, wall hangers got you.

Like I said above I got this wall hanger on Amazon yearsssss ago and unfortunately they no longer sell it:(  But I was able to find this awesome dupe!

What are some nice ways that you have found to store items?

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11 thoughts on “Cute ways to store your thrift finds

  1. Wow! I never knew amazon sells so many different things, even book shelves and
    chest of drawers! Great idea for storing stuf for business, as all that stuf can quickily overun a place.

  2. I love this so much! I used to frequent thrift stores every week when living back in the states, but I haven’t been able to find any here in Colombia.

  3. I was cracking up when u said everything has changed yet the only thing that remained same was the hangers ability to hang things. Nicely put

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