Thrifting Colors of the Rainbow

So apparently in 2018 we don’t see color.  This blog pertains to fashion/beauty so I’ll keep my views on the racially charged subject of colorblindness to myself.  I’ll just leave this video here that does a funny take on the subject:

So we are not supposed to see the color of people, but when it comes to clothes the PC gods allow us to see color; and it has been a colorful year for fashion in 2018.  Everyone was dying their hair funky colors and rocking color block patterned outfits.  I loved the splashes of color welcomed this year and am excited for 2019 as it is gearing up to be even more colorful according to trends  seen at New York Fashion Week!

Fortunately, you do not have to dig into your kids college fund to follow this trend.  You can find all the colorful fashion pieces from the runway for a fraction of the price at the thrift store!  Examples of how you can bring the colors trend into your wardrobe by utilizing thrift stores are below.


I kind of feel sorry for red.  It’s not trying to be sexy, it’s just being itself!  But yet we can’t help but see red as the sexiest color.  Its like when the geeky girl develops over the summer and comes back to school voluptuous but she still wants to be seen as the book reading, random fact sprouting. childish girl that she is!!!!!! Sorry I got a little personal there….

This season on the runway I noticed that the color red was used to design pieces that were not overtly sexual, they were just being themselves.  However, the attempt at being demure was thwarted with the admission of the color red.

You can find similar red pieces at the online thrift store thredup.



Orange is the middle child of the colors.  It’s “too white for the black kids and too black for the whites” in the words of Earl Sweatshirt.  It’s not quite red, not quite yellow, it exists on that spectrum in between the two, the twilight zone.  Not the beloved 1960’s tv series, but the 3rd remake with Forest Whitaker.

I feel for orange, it’s trying to stand out in a sea of colors.  It’s attempts proved successful this Fall ’18 as we saw more incorporation of the color orange on the runway than ever before.


Yellow is my all time favorite color.  Yellow just gives me old rich lady with a glass of wine politely discussing her late husbands fortune tease.  Yellow is the ultimate og of the rainbow.  Yellow is basically like,”Boo, you may not like me, but you will respect me”.


So don’t you want to embody that self-confidence in your clothing?

Asos Marketplace



When I hear green my mind automatically goes to shamrock shake.  Then mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Then money.  But green is so much more than a delicious mint flavored treat or a fiber packed veggie and it wants to be heard!

Green has had enough of being placed in a tiny box and is bursting out and letting all know it’s “not a girl, not yet a woman” like Brittany Spheres in the early 2000’s.

That assertiveness is part of the reason I love green so much.  The other reason that I love green for this season was due to its diverse use by designers in various pieces.  We saw green in evening wear, casual clothes, trench coats, etc.  Gone are the days when green was only used in those bomber jackets that were all the rage a couple of years ago.



Purple is my second favorite color.  Purple is that bad chick that knows she’s bad but “what’s understood doesn’t need to be said”.  Purple is humble and well rounded.  It’s the queen of the kingdom and the most involved Missionary.  If purple was a person it would be Princess Diana.

The color purple showed its regal-ness this season by being used to showcase a variety of fly pieces.  Specifically gowns and parkas.


What’s your favorite color this season?

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