Halloween Costumes from the thrift store

Halloween is my third favorite holiday.  Preceding it are the other chill holidays, Easter and Martin Luther King Jr. day,  The fact that Halloween is holding the bronze medal for holidays does not make it any less fantastic in my eyes.

My holiday ranking list is most comparable to the times garnered in a 100 meter race.  They are extremely close together being determined by mere hundredths of a second.


So, to sum it all up,  don’t underestimate my love for Halloween.  I love everything about it from the eerie feeling it gives, to the candy (especially the candy), to my favorite: the costumes!

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween.  I have a twin brother, and you know there’s nothing cuter than a couples costume.  Then when you add a pinch of cute kids the outcome is a successful halloween night.

black kids
This isn’t us, but it’s something our mom would do.

Our mom dressed us up as everything from Barney and Betty Boop to a cowboy and indian (this was the 90s people, no one even heard of cultural appropriation back then).  When I was under the age of 15 a successful Halloween night meant several bagfuls of candy, nowadays it means other things…

But the takeaway from this post is that if you look memorable on Halloween night the great pumpkin will bless you with a successful night!  Also I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to Halloween costumes (not to brag but I have 9 “Best costume” awards just saying) and I actually practice what I preach!


So read more to discover how to make a unique costume with pieces found at the thrift store!

Gothic Girl


I actually wore this costume to a Halloween club event a few years back.  I don’t have any pictures of it because I had just turned 21 and didn’t know how to drink yet without getting wasted, so needless to say I don’t really remember much after leaving my residence hall (thank god those times are over).  The brief times that I do remember are that this costume looked pretty yet creepy, it wasn’t your typical slutty costume that isn’t even scary.  That it was not made it unique and memorable.

Little Leaguer


That scene on Hocus Pocus when the little sister tries to defend her big brother and proclaims that he’s dressed as a “little leaguer” is so iconic.  Being a little leaguer for a Halloween costume would actually be a great costume.

Spice Girl


If you’re a 90’s kid, chances are you can finish the verse “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my __________”.  The Spice Girls was iconic!  I don’t know about you, but I definitely wanted a gang of friends who had my back like that.  They also promoted diversity before it was dubbed “advantageous”.  The Spice Girls is a really great group costume.



Stephen Kings Carrie is remembered visually for the scene in which the main character sports an evening gown covered in pigs blood, switch the pigs blood with a faux blood mixture of kool-aid and jello and pour it over a cheap 80’s formal dress from the thrift store (don’t worry, the faux blood washes out easily) and you have the greatest and cheapest halloween costume!

Couples costume: Egyptian Queen and king


YES for this costume, it doesn’t even need words it speaks for it, it speaks for itself!   Just look at it!  Oh and if you know the guy in the picture tell him keep doing what he’s doing.  He has a beautiful woman AND a banging body!



This costume is a triple threat!  It’s cute, unique, and EASY. This is a great last minute costume idea.

Festival goer


This is a fun costume perfect for those Halloween parties when you want a cute costume that’s not scary or too slutty.

Prom Queen


When I hear Prom Queen I first think of that bad lil wayne song lol.  I’m sure other people think fondly of prom, not me.  The drama surrounding it (my friends ex took another girl and those are fighting moves for teenagers, and then I would have to fight with her because that’s my friend and I looked too cute to be fighting) and the high cost of it turned me off.  But this costume is cheap and Halloween parties are usually free!

Volleyball player


Volleyball is a serious sport which requires just as much skill and athleticism as any other sport.  The fact that the players have to wear those tight spandex shorts that make their butt look good does not take away from this.

But seriously volleyball players have the most memorable uniforms of any sport.  Also,  Dressing like them is a lot more unique than the played out cheerleader costume.

Captain underpants


In a world where there’ a resurgence in the popularity of superheroes; everyone wants to be like them.  Batman has let it be known that you don’t have to have powers to be a superhero, just money and good looks.  Captain Underpants has none of those things and sitll manages to attempt to fight crime.  He is an inspiration to all and on Halloween you can honor him by dressing up as him!

This costume is so funny and unique.  If you think about it wearing underwear in public is akin to wearing swimsuit bottoms, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so you could put them over leggings or jeans.

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