Decorate your bedroom for Halloween!

The greatest element of any holiday is the feeling it invokes in you.  On Christmas it is a feeling of warmth and joy, Thanksgiving it’s the feeling of gratitude and abundance, and on Halloween it’s eeriness and the impending feeling of doom.


The feeling of being scared is addictive.  Proof of this can be found in the popularity of Stephen King books, American Horror Story, scary movies, f***boys who you give your heart to, love, new things, ok sorry I went off there…

Ok that aside, feelings associated with holidays are often brung on with decorations.  Case in point can be the popularity of a christmas tree or the necessity for candles on a birthday cake,  These little items remind us subconscioulsy that the item is special and invokes a feeling within us.  The feeling of fear is a personal one which we don’t allow others to see in many situations.  When we do allow ourselves to be truly scared it is akin to being naked, we allow vulnerability and freeness.  The main location where we are naked is our bedroom.  Well, for most people its the bedroom, clothes are uncomfortable so when home alone its probably everywhere actually…

So one thing is unquestionable, that we tend to spend the majority of our time in the bedroom, naked or clothed.

(Theres only two places a woman belongs, the kitchen and the bedroom, Florida!  Kitchen and the bedroom!!)

So why not make it a space that promotes vulnerability by invoking a sense of fear in yourself while simultaneously paying homage to the great holiday of Halloween?  Decorating your bedroom for Halloween is easy and the thrift store makes decorating cheap!

When Heckorating (halloween+decorating, clever, right?) you first want to focus on making your bed look adequately festive.


The most important element of most bedrooms is the bed.  It’s where we do two of the bodies most needed activities.


We spend the majority of our time in the bed.  The bed is so important to many that no expense is spared in ensuring its comfortability and aesthetic appeal.  Aesthetically it represents the room.  Therefore, when heckorating your bedroom for Halloween you want to be sure to heckerize your bed.

Changing your pillow covers and adding accessories such as a Halloween blanket or a few Halloween decorative pillows go a long way in ensuring the wickedness of your bedroom.


Your next step in heckerization is to hang up some elegant photo frames with black and white portraits of random people.  I don’t know why black and white portraits are creepy, they just are.

wall of paintings

You can print out random portraits online and then hang them in an ornate picture frame from the thrift store.  You can affix it to your wall using a command hook.

Your next step is to add random spooky knick-knacks to your bedroom, such as skulls or mannequin parts, or dolls (dolls are another thing that are creepy for some reason).


But be careful to not add too many knick-knacks or else you’ll look like a hoarder.


Next a Halloween tree is essential.  A Halloween tree is basically a Christmas tree without the tree or the jolly ornaments. Basically you find a branch, stick it in a pot with dirt then decorate it with Halloween themed ornaments or Halloween themed garlands.  You can use a mannequin limb instead of a branch, whichever works best for you.  If you MUST use a tree make sure it’s skinny with no curves, a Kylie Jenner before her surgeries looking tree.  That brings me to my next tip, make sure the tree is not aesthetically pleasing either.


You can find printable Halloween ornaments and garlands here.  Underneath your tree place presents {candy, spider rings, that “porn” from the ‘20s of women in lingerie, etc.) wrapped in orange or black paper.


Next we focus on setting the mood by setting up some white candles (white candles are another thing that are creepy for some reason.  Or sexy. White candles are either really creepy or really sexy.  There’s no in between).  In order to burn them safely I suggest using an elegant looking saucer from the thrift store.  Nothing is creepier than a white candle on a nice plate.


Finally, the symbol of Halloween is the jack-o-lantern!  To make your heckoration complete you must have one!  But because it will go inside your room and roaches and fruit flies don’t really go with the theme (or do they?) we will pass on carving them. Instead you can mimic carving by drawing designs with a sharpie onto the pumpkin; and be unique and creative! Make your faux jack-o-lantern match your theme.

Or opt for a non-pumpkin option.

Share your favorite ways to heckorate!

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