Halloween Costumes for babies

COstumes 4 babies

I love the kids and the kids love me, especially babies.  When I see a cute little chubby baby I Just want my own!  They are so cute and precious I get super envious.  Then I remember that babies turn into toddlers and ultimately teenagers and my desire to have one of my own quickly fades away.  Kids are still undeniably cute for about 2 years, after that it’s up to the universe to determine if they are cute or not.  While in this stage babies can wear any halloween costume and it will look cute.  Babies can literally wear a white tee shirt and look cute.


But if they want to step it up they can wear an actual costume.  Following are the cutest halloween costumes for babies,


I don’t drink soda but I’d have to make an exception for this cutie.


I personally would not really be frightened if this monster was in my closet.  I would think “how’d a baby get in my closet?!”


Forget pumpkin spice lattes and order that grande baby frap with soy!


I wonder if Chucky is thinking about his mom?  (sidenote: One of the saddest moments ever on the big screen is on the movie when Chucky wanted a mom 🙁 )


The prince of Wakanda!

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