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There was this immense feeling of pain and loss when I reached the age were I was crying facetoo old for pokemon but too young to claim pokemon as nostalgic.  The lost feeling could be largely attributed to the fact that I was not only losing my favorite television show, but also my preferred video game, past time, card game, conversation topic, and identity


My identity was largely constructed of Americanized Japanese culture.  Japanese culture was force fed to 90’s kids.  This is apparent from the media that was popular at the time.


From the foods.

sushi    ramen noodles

To even the fashion.

Chasing Fireflies Introduces Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Children's Collection

This Americanized Japanese culture was so heavily inundated in me that I couldn’t just go cold turkey from it.  I was addicted to the multiple entertainment options offered by one brand.  I needed something to help ease me out of this addiction, a sort of methadone.  Luckily, a bridge between teen-dom and Pokemon appeared!  This methadone derivative offer a television show, a card game, AND a slew of fashionable school supplies.  I wasn’t going to have to bust out a plain colored notebook in class, I could get a trendy one with the character of this anime on it .

I am talking about the infamous Yugioh!!

Do you remember playing Yugioh cards? Or watching Yugioh on thelevision? At my school we assigned economic value to Yugioh cards.  The blue eyed red dragon came in clutch when you wanted to trade your apple at lunchtime for a bag of cookies.

I spotted the item below at a local thrift store.

yugioh cards.jpg

This gem had over 600 cards and was only $6.99!  For the entire binder!  So of course I had to buy it.  Wouldn’t you?

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