Reasons why Thrifting is good for the environment (and you!)



Ahhhh 2018 :).  This will forever be the year of colored hair and vegans.  The year in which reducing carbon footprints are prioritized and recycling is almost mandatory.  The year were you will be canceled for putting your  groceries in a plastic bag and Earth Day is bigger than Easter in some cities.  (sidenote-Easter is my favorite holiday, it’s so chill!).

Everything is getting a green tint, why not dye your wardrobe green?  I don’t mean literally dye your clothes green.  Green ain’t for everybody.


So if you can’t  pull of the color green, don’t fret!  You can turn your wardrobe green in another, more important, way.  You can actively get your wardrobe from an environmentally conscious place, thrift stores!  So following are 5 reasons why thrift stores are good for the environment and society, also included are the reasons why thrifting is good for self.

Reduces waste and pollution


Landfills are full of clothing that is thrown away instead of being reused.   According to the Environment Select Committee textile waste had risen from 7% of total waste to 30% in the last five years, claiming the rise of fast fashion chains were to blame for the phenomenon.  Americans, specifically, are to blame for filling landfills with thousands of pounds each year in clothing waste.  This significant increase in textile waste contributing to the over indulged landfills can be reduced by eliminating the throwing away of used clothing and by buying and reselling clothing secondhand.

Directly benefits charity


Most of us would love to volunteer at an animal shelter or feed the hungry in a soup kitchen line, but with our hectic schedules volunteering directly is out of reach.  Thankfully for less than a dollar a day you can help someone in need; and no, I am not talking about those big eyed precious dogs on that commercial.

I’m talking about people and organizations!  (Organizations that could possibly include the SPCA, which the big eyed Eyes of an Angel commercial is for.  I found that out in my research,  I can’t be the only one who had no idea what that commercial was actually for lol).  Most thrift stores are directly associated with a charity organization.  Also notable is the fact that Goodwill employs differently abled people!  They don’t just claim that they do then actually don’t, like every other organization.


 Reduces the high costs of production

2018-10-16 (2)

As beautiful as it is to think that clothes just appear out of thin air and then appear in stores for us to buy that is not true.  The truth is that an article of clothing, regardless of price, requires large amounts of time and manpower as well as materials from various countries to produce.  In addition to that high costs related to transport are also associated with that. Teleportation of clothing items is not an option (yet).  The environmental costs associated with producing an item are significant, those costs are eliminated when buying  an item secondhand at a thriftstore.

Promotes diversity among aesthetics


In a world where every other person is rocking a babydoll top from H&M  it’s easy to feel like everyone looks the same.  When still victim to the world of fast fashion I felt as if I was a citizen in a dystopian novel where people had to wear uniforms.  The costume set for women was a pair of skinny jeans and a plain cotton top, preferably babydoll.  I was faced constantly by this de facto uniform that muted the diversity amongst individuals.  Luckily thrift stores came along.  With the advent of thrifting one can stand out outwardly as much as they do internally. 

Thrifting is a cheap form of self-care

instagram selfie.jpg

Self-care is important.  Self-care is defined by Psych Central as “any activity that we deliberately do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health”.  The number one activity falling into this category for many of us is shopping!  Unfortunately, shopping often isn’t exactly good for the wallet.  When a self-care binge leads you to not being able to afford your rent it leads one to question how beneficial it is.  Fortunately,thrifting offers you a way to satisfy your need for self-care through shopping and also be able to pay your cellphone bill so that you can snap photos of you looking cute in your new clothes!

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