Thanksgiving Clapback pregame!

You know how one specific store that starts with a W and ends with an Art notably begins selling decoration and apparel for holidays about two months before the actual holiday?  Am I the only one who thinks that October is a bit early for Christmas trees?  It kind of diminishes the magical holiday feel of a holiday when anticipation for it begins two months before.  I’ll still be finishing Thanksgiving leftobvers and will be bombarded with hearts and Valentines day stuff everytime I have to go to the store.  By the way Valentines Day is torture for us single people.

2018-10-18 (3)

Forget Scream the real scary movie is The Notebook.  I seriously am terrified whenever I sense Cupid in the room.

Think about Cupid. You’ll just be chilling and he will come and force you to like someone.  He basically manipulates you into a relationship!  Cupid is a relationship trafficker!  That’s a vicious felony.  Cupid is lucky I don’t call the Law and Order SVU goons on him and get him locked up.

2018-10-18 (4)

Cupid out here shooting people being reckless. (Oh and I don’t want to financially support a relationship trafficker so I refuse to pay for his image)

But right now it is close to Halloween so I don’t have to worry about Cupid.  Instead I am confronted with Turkeys, culturally appropriating Native Americans,  and table cloths with fall leaves.  I’m talking about Thanksgiving! The best part of Thanksgiving, besides the Gumbo (believe it or not people living in Louisiana don’t eat gumbo often, it’s expensive!), are the Thanksgiving clapbacks!

Thanksgiving clapbacks are funny because they’re relatable.  We can all affirm that we are guilty of thinking the responses said, but are too respectful to say them!  My favorites are ones which make fun of being single in your twenies,because in older generations they were married with a house and kids by the time they were my age, like the following


I also like ones that make light of being introverted.

2018-10-18 (5)

But at the end of the day, I ain’t got no type.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving clapback?  Post it on the Creole Thrift facebook page please so that I can upload it a post when it’s actually November lol.





















the food, are


the Thanksgiving clap

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