Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and to be honest I’m not nearly as excited as everyone around me.


This isn’t really a new phenomenon, I haven’t really been a Christmas fan since I got my own job and just brought the things that I wanted throughout the year.  I no longer had to wait for Christmas to get an item that I wanted; I just had to wait until payday. Every other Friday became my Christmas.  Every other Friday was the day that I had been anticipating since it came two weeks ago.  Payday brought with it all of the material joy that Christmas brings as well as family members that you never see anymore.  I meet alcoholic uncles that I didn’t know I had that want to “hold a couple dolla’s” everytime I get paid.  And don’t get me started on income tax refunds!  That time period is the most wonderful time of the year!  All of the kids walking around in their new clothes, nobodies arguing about bills, no couches on the sidewalk symbolizing an eviction.  Ahhh, money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure does help.

My point is simply that giving and receiving costly gifts  is not of much importance when you reach a certain age.  The sentiment behind the present means more than the actual cost behind it.  For example, mothers would prefer a 50 cent macaroni necklace from their kid over a thousand dollar diamond necklace.


Well, most mothers, my broke self would take the diamond necklace. Sorry future kids!

Portrait of confused African American young woman shrugging against white background

So below are a list of presents that garner the “kids macaroni necklace” appeal.  I have gave each one of these as presents and they are always received well. Perhaps most important is the fact that they cost nothing, except your time.  Oh, and love, make sure to put love into your creation, it’s  the most important step!  A macaroni necklace with no love that you find at the gas station is not as heartwarming as one made with love by your kids.  So be sure to incorporate it!

YouTube playlist mixtape

This gift is somewhat of an homage to the frequently gifted mixtapes of the 90s. It involves simply choosing a bundle of videos and adding them to a playlist that you will then send to the recipient.  A mix of music videos with video clips pertinent to the gift receiver are best.

Family or friends framed drawn portrait

Now if you are like me and are not gifted with Frida Kahlo-esque drawing skills it’s always received warmly when your family portrait is comprised of stick figure caricatures of everyone, like this: stick figure family.jpgIf placed in a unique picture frame found at the thrift store this gift screams special.

Note Jar

This gift is tedious in that it requires you to make a slew of notes that contain inspirational quotes, motivational phrases, etc. Then to combine them into a mason jar or container with a lid and to gift it.  This gift is especially meaningful to those that you will not see in a while, instruct them to open one a day.
note jar

Thank you Letter

Writing a sweet note of appreciation is a way to imbibe gratitude and in turn feed your soul while also making another know how much you love and appreciate them.

thank you note

Sweet Dreams spray

This is a gift for all the kids young enough to believe this actually works.  As someone scarred from the phrase “Sweet Dreams” because of that song by the Eurythmics (demon voice: Sweet Dreams are made of thisssss)

sweet dreams arer made

I would not suggest giving it to anyone who was younger than 10 when that song was popular.

This spray simply consists of a few drops of lavender oil, a few drops of chamomile, water, and a pinch of salt.  Optional ingredients include a pinch of the safe glitter they sell at chain stores.  You put your final product into a spray bottle and slap a label onto it with “Sweet Dream Spray” and instructions to spray it onto their bedsheet or pillow before going to sleep and your gift is done!
sweet dream spray

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