Remade by Thredup

So recently I came to the conclusion that I need a new wallet. All the cash I have now just won’t fit comfortably in my old one.

So as I embarked on my wallet finding quest I decided what better place to start than the thrift store? You can find cute, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, affordable clothes. So I assumed those principles would apply to wallets as well.

Garnering that assumption in conjunction with my need to purchase a wallet I headed over to my favorite online thriftstore, Thredup. I try to steer clear of online shopping because shopping online makes me forget that I’m not rich and shouldn’t spend thousand of dollars on Amazon buying wigs and Cheetos.

But I had already taken off my pants and put up my hair. When those two events occur I’m not leaving the house. My house could catch on fire and I would question whether or not I should leave.

So armed with my debit card in hand I headed over to Thredup.

Upon immediate inspection I was comforted to see that the site appeared the exact same as it had when I had visited it last. A white background remained accented by clean, black fonts signifying categories available. I was comforted by this consistency.

However, upon closer inspection I noticed a new category available. This category sported an ombre tone in blue and was also in a bold font which also led it to stand out amongst the other menu items. This category was titled “Remade” and defined itself as “A new clothing line designed for the secondhand revolution”.

Other features of the line include size inclusive fashion, a buyback guarantee, use of lasting fabrics to craft their items, and high prices!

The fact that the majority of their items are priced between $32.99 and $49.99 is a significant factor barring many of the customers who prefer thrift shopping because it allows them to spend little on clothing items. They do offer a buyback guarantee of at least 40% but in order to receive that you have to return your item to them in fairly nice condition.

Then on top of that the line is about as fashion forward as my big toe.

Plain white t-shirts, plain black wrap dresses, denim shirts, etc. The Remade line is reminiscent of the Target maternity line. The difference is at least at Target you can get two items and still have money leftover to buy popcorn.

So Thredups Remade line is overpriced, boring, and NOT THRIFT ITEMS.

Have you purchase something from Remade by Thredup? Will you?

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