DIY No sew t-shirt apron

My first love is thrifting and my second love is cooking. Cooking brings so many great memories to my mind. Some of them involve chopping herbs for my Mawmaw (grandmother) to make a pot of gumbo on Christmas day, others involve the mundane routine of peeling and backing shrimp on a weekday for my Mama to make shrimp pasta.

(Sidenote-I don’t think backing is the right word, I think its one of those colloquialisms like parran (godfather) but no one around me seems to know the real word and the way my life is set up (in shambles) I can’t look it up, so if you know please leave a comment below. Thanks!

While all the children were out here playing on Gameboy Colors I was in the kitchen whipping up some pb&js; and for a twist I would use apple jelly instead of grape.

All the cooking skills that I developed as a child come in handy today. I make all my meals at home, I never eat out except for when some lucky gentleman gets the bill. So while I still follow the mantra of “we have (insert restaurant here) at home!” I also adopted one which I did not garner in years past. That is caring about my clothing.

When clothes were disposable to me and I also did not have to spend my money on them I was not concerned about spilling an ingredient on them. Now that I am responsible for buying my own clothes and I don’t grow out of them every year or so I am a bit more concerned with protecting my clothes when cooking.

I protect them by wearing an apron.

I’m not really a real boy…#pinnochio

An apron is defined as “a garment worn at the front of the body, since ancient times, for practical, decorative, as well as ritualistic purposes” ( I don’t know what rituals require the wearing of an apron, but I bet it’s satanic. It just seems like some weird thing they would do.

According to ApronEra the apron was once viewed as a staple wardrobe peice for women hundreds of years ago. But as cheaper clothing and washing machines became readily available this went away. But as sustainability increases and water use decreases the popularity of the apron increases yet again in the modern day!

Its a good thing DIY aprons like the following exist so that you can have your very own apron for less than a dollar.

I am 5 feet 1 inch tall and I use a large sized womens t-shirt to fashion my apron. I get my soon to be aprons at the thrift store for less than a dollar. So if you would like to make your own apron make sure to read below!

Step 1: Cut the sleeves off armpit to collar.

Step 2: Turn the shirt over and cut the back collar off and also cut a straight line armpit to armpit.

Step 3: Cut both side seams vertically 4 inches then cut straight across.

Step 4: On the back strip that’s remaining, cut up one inch, then straight over and up again to get straps for your apron.

Step 5: Wear apron!

Will you try this DIY? What do you call backing shrimp in other places!?

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