Thrift store find

So those that know me well will confirm that “I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry”

and scented candles. I absolutely LOVE scented candles. The air that I breathe has to smell good or I ain’t breathing it. Think I’m joking? I’m not. I almost died from lack of oxygen everyday in the schools restroom.

I associate smells with memories from the past that actually happened as well as memories that I would like to be true. For example, the moment I smell my tropical paradise candle I am immediately transported to the time when my billionaire boyfriend that looks like Morris Chestnut took me on a vacation to a beach in Thailand. Well, that hasn’t exactly happened…yet

but a girl can dream! And scented candles help to take me there.

So you can imagine how excited I was when a routine trip to Goodwill found me face to face with loads of scented candles.

Turns out some person (probably me in an alternate universe) had nowhere to stash their hoard of scented candles and was forced to donate them to their local Goodwill where I could buy them. I, too, have nowhere to put them and my tiny space is reminiscent of a room that you’d see on Hoarders, but at least it smells nice.

Yet another reason to love thrifting. A guilty pleasure at a low price can always be found.

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