The devil’s in the details

All throughout elementary and middle school I had to wear a uniform to school.

A photographer I am not

Having to conform in regards to the majority of your outfit made people more apt to express their individuality through the details. Sewing on funky buttons in place of the ordinary white ones on your uniform shirt or donning an Hermes scarf in your hair were a few of the minor details used to make a school uniform unique. This attention to detail is one that can be adopted to fit your wardrobe even if you are not required to maintain a specific wardrobe. After all, the devils in the details ;).

“You can never be overdressed or over educated.”

-Oscar Wilde


Buttons go a long way in making a piece stand out. I like to remove the unique and colorful buttons from blazers that I get at the thrift store and place them on white button up shirts.


Unfortunately, the era of bulky statement jewelry is over.

The ending of this era was especially difficult for me because I have a lot of bulky necklaces. But at the risk of appearing “dated” I willingly traded in my bulky jewelry pieces for dainty minimalist jewelry. This is made easier by the low cost of jewelry from vendors on Alieexpress.

The low cost does result in poorer quality ( in my opinion) but at around 16 cents, what do you expect? I tend to buy 2 of everything, because it will either break or I’ll lose it.


My future fashion forecast is that the ascot will regain popularity.

I guessed correctly in regards to a lot of popular fashion trends. Including athleisure and colored hair or wigs. Backed by prior adequate predictions, my current prediction is pretty stable.

But even if wrong, the advice to don a colorful scarf is a great way to make an outfit memorable.


Often tooted as the forgotten accessory wearing a brooch is no longer reminiscent of a grandma.

Brooches come in a variety of shapes and patterns and can express parts of your personality aesthetitiacally. To modernize the classic brooch wear several different ones that fit one cohesive theme. For example, I have a set that’s dog themed. It consists of a brooch fashioned like a paw print, one that’s a dog bone, one in a pug face, one that’s a doghouse, and one that’s a dog food bowl. Wearing them all at once on the lapel of a solid colored jacket helps to make your outfit more visually appealing.


I am a huge fan of layers and believe that every outfit needs a blazer, cardigan, denim jacket or something . This ideology works to my detriment in 100 degree weather, but works out well when I step into businesses and they have the air conditioning set to 30 degrees for some reason.

Either way the appeal and fashion of a uniquely patterned outer layer with a solid colored inward one cannot be denied.

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