5 Signs of Horniness in women

People no longer have sex purely for procreation. According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59 done by the National Center for Health Statistics the majority of responders report that their objective in having sex is to have fun, not to make a baby. It is notable that the preference for having sexual relationships in order to make a child significantly increases and forms the majority for women of child-bearing age.

This change in perception of sex from a necessary evil to a good time creates an importance in ensuring the arousal of your partner. You would want every party involved to be having fun, right? Below are five signs that your female partner is aroused. Net Friday arousal signs in males will be examined. This week is for the ladies.

You smell different

The smell of your skin will change when aroused. The smell will not change for the better or change for the worse, it will just change. This happens due to the secretion of pheromones in the body, a chemical substance that sends olfactory cues in order to provoke certain behaviors related to sexual desire and attraction.

You get hot. literally

When a woman is aroused, she’ll experience a significant increase in body temperature. This is due to the increased heartrate and increased blood flow to your skin. So while you’re “turn(ing) the lights down low” you should do the same with the air conditioning before you get freaky.

Your language changes

Before this wonderful era that permits women to express sexual desires verbally there were the dark ages where sexual expression wasn’t allowed. Although I am not from that era, I was raised by someone who was and adhere HEAVILY to this point.

A lot of females cannot say “I want to bang you” so instead will use euphemisms for what they want to do. For example they will say “oh its hot in here! I need to have a long hard sip of coke”.

You get touchy

When aroused, you feel the need to touch the object of your lust.

No, it doesn’t mean ladies out here grabbing d#@!s at Sunday dinners in front of grandma. This isn’t Soul Food.

Subtle touches of your hand, your knee, or your cheek are telltale signs of horniness. You will go for the parts of your body that are not often touched by others – like your inner thigh or lower part of your back.

You arch your back

Arching the back is not just something skinny Instagram models consciously do to fool less than smart men into thinking they have a curvy figure, its something we do subconsciously when our body is ready to “mate”.

Do any of these things happen to you when you’re aroused?

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