Thrift find! Twilight Zone

One of the thrift finds that I covet the most is the item below. A box set of Twilight Zone dvds. I found them a few years ago at a thrift store in Ybor City, a neighborhood located in Tampa, Florida. I was in Tampa because I went to undergraduate at the University of South Florida aka the best school everrrrr (Go Bulls!)

I went to the Thrift Store looking for clothes. I was not looking for a specific clothing item, just clothing items in general. When my search for clothes proved fruitless I decided to browse the electronics section. I had resigned myself to walking away empty handed when I saw this beautiful item. Like a sore thumb this collection stood out from the rest. In pristine condition the packaged dvds did not fit the hoard of print stained dvds surrounding them.

They also stood out due to the bold colored admission of being The Twilight Zone. I absolutely LOVE The Twilight Zone. Memories from my childhood of binge-watching episodes on the day long marathons of the show were drummed up. As well as watching the VHS (yes, I’m old) of The Twilight Zone Movie when I was younger (I was probably too young to be watching that movie…).

Having the option to “enter the Twilight Zone” over and over again at will was too good of an opportunity to pass up and I purchased the memorabilia.

The box set highlights a time period that frames the third dimension perfectly. A period in time that many of us today cannot imagine. A period where aliens spoke English and the United Nations was devoid of African country’s. Part of the eeriness of` The Twilight Zone is the setting and how it is foreign to many of its current viewers and thus leads one to subconsciously believe that the events in the episodes are plausible.

This intrinsic element of time and place is one threated by the upcoming revival of the Twilight Zone.  I do question whether the plots and writing will be as good as the original or just mediocre adaptations of lesser known movies like the directors most notable work The Skeleton Key 2 aka Get Out.

Jordan Peele does seem good at stealing the ideas of others and revamping them so his revival attempt might actually be decent.

I just wish the show was titled something other than The Twilight Zone.

This revival does not have any of the elements that we know and love. Elements such as building a bomb shelter because the Japs might nuke us or having pay phones.

Yet I’m still going to watch it, but I won’t like it.

Will you be tuning in?

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