15 Upcycle ideas

In honor of the day that I was born I decided that I should give instead of receiving. My logic was that I have been getting stuff for more than two decades now, why not switch it up and give something? But by “give” I don’t mean a kidney, arm, leg or another body part. It’s only a matter of time before juvenile diabetes comes for me as it has came for many of my family members; and when it does I want to have all of my parts in pristine condition.

So I gave up sugar, instead.

This is a big deal because I absolutely LOVE sugar. If I could I would put a ring on sugar.

Sugar and I go wayyyy back. Sugar was with me back when I was shooting in the gym.

Now I’m out here ballin’ like Lebron. Yet sugar is still with me.

But, unfortunately I had to let my friend sugar go.

So with its departure a lot of empty wrappers of sugary items were left behind because we had to turn up together one final time before it left for good.

Not wanting to let the resulting pile of trash go to waste I scoured the internet to find creative ways to upcycle the items. Upcycle is defined as “reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.” The following are the best upcycles that I found.

Capri Sun bag

Cereal box dollhouse

Cookie box bank

Bookmarks from snack boxes

Candy wrapper dresses

Candy wrapper bracelets

Cereal box gift boxes

Bottle cap snowmen

Crafts and Toys!

Toy guitar

Hurricane in a bottle

Candy wrapper pouch

Bottlecap decorated car

Starburst wrapper bracelet

Soda bottle lava lamp

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