Thrift Find: “Damn girl how you fit all of that in those jeans!”

I wear a lot of hats. From my chef hat when I’m chef boyarbee to a visor when I’m getting buff at the gym, my head is never empty.

Well, except for when I’m chilling at home, which is 90% of the time. I am what you would call a “homebody”.

I’m the friend that you invite out but know she’s not going to come.

I am a true introvert. Sidenote: Extroverts are perfect friends and romantic partners for introverts because they make introverts actually put on pants sometimes and go somewhere.

I know I’m not the only person in the world that doesn’t wear pants at home!

But when I do actually step out of the house I like to look classy and fashion forward. To achieve this while still maintaining comfort I will often don a pair of flattering denim pants. Also known as “jeans”.

My favorite brand of jeans are Levis. The reason why is because they are literally made for big butt small waist people like me. Levi jeans eliminate the need for a belt when wearing them. That pesky waist gap problem is eliminated with Levi jeans.

Neyo needed Levis!

So on a trip to the thriftstore I found a pair of perfect high-waisted Levi jeans.

Look at them.

Ignore my weight gain, its water. I gained 30 pounds of water…

Were they not made for me? Sure they are a little bit big but hey you win some and you lose some.

Ok, so they don’t appear big, but I like to have to “lay back in the bed just to zip ’em up” and I `don’t have to do that with them. I could zip them up just fine standing upright. Thus making them too big

I make this post to confirm my earlier statements that the thriftstore boasts a massive inventory full of hidden gems waiting to be found.U


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