Vera Bradley items are ugly

I know a lot of persons will strongly disagree with the title of this post and in my defense I do not think that all Vera Bradley items are hideous, just most of them. Also, the designers must have gotten the memo that paisley prints were not exactly lusted after by their intended demographic and thus have been producing significantly less over the years. I also own quite a few of their items in the newer prints. So I can’t be Vera Bradley-ist, I have Vera Bradley friends!

I actually had no idea of the popularity of Vera Bradley items until about middle school. Up until middle school I was surrounded by kids who would rather dress like her

Rather than her

We also had uniforms. So we really were not dressing like anybody at school besides one another, anyway.

But enter Hurricane Katrina! My whole world got knocked upside down and I went to live with my stepmom in Texas.

At my new suburban school brought to me by my enemy Hurricane Katrina,

you could wear whatever you wanedt. Want to dress in plaid skirts and button up blouses like we wore for uniforms at other schools? You could! Have softball practice right after school? No worries, be prepared by wearing workout clothes all day! Have to bring your 3 kids to soccer practice and then hit up Starbucks to get a frappe’? There’s an outfit for you and it comes with a bag for you!

In short I had absolutely no idea why preteen girls wanted to dress like middle aged women.

Nothing’s wrong with middle aged women, in fact I’m about to be one in a few years! I just did not think that young children would want to dress like them.

The popularity of Vera Bradley is fascinating to me. A lot of people seem to agree with me that the patterns are not very attractive, however sales of the items appear to be steady. The sustained popularity of Vera Bradley items are an example of groupthink.

According to groupthink is defined as “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility”. Groupthink is a philosophy coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972 to describe a process by which a group can make bad or irrational decisions.

An example of groupthink is “The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many of the senior officers at Pearl Harbor did not take warnings from Washington DC about potential invasion seriously despite the fact that Japanese messages had been intercepted. Those who didn’t take action believed that the Japanese wouldn’t dare to attempt an assault against the U.S. because they would recognize the futility of war with the United States”.

Fitting this criteria is the massive popularity of an overpriced patterned accessory brand due to the influence of a group of popular girls donning the apparel.

Do you agree that Vera Bradley is ugly and only liked because of groupthink?

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