Creole Thrift is back!

As I grow older my willingness to pay to get things fixed decreases. I’m of the mindset that I can do anything myself.

Iphone screen cracks? I can fix that.

Air conditioner breaks? I can fix that.

Pipes burst? I can fix that.

I have no idea how to do any of those things! But I still do them. Armed with a Youtube tutorial on how to complete the task and low expectations I always complete the task that I set out to do.

My spirit of frugal ambition is not solely reserved for repairs; it also rears its head when no problem exists, just a need.

Need deodorant? I can make that.

Need toothpaste? I can make that.

Need scented candles? I can make that.

Yes, scented candles are a necessity. As instrumental in life as toothpaste or deodorant. If I had to choose between buying candles or toilet paper it wouldn’t be a tough decision. I can disguise the smell of feces stains left on my butt with the warm scent of a vanilla candle.

Lucky for me I have discovered (through Youtube) how to get my scented wax product fix without having to actually buy them and financially support a billionaire male who is more inclined to save a VCR player than a black child in a house fire.

Introducing my new line of candles influenced by scents and images found in my amazing city of New Orleans!

There’s currently four scents available for purchase. Creole Candle also has a candle inspired by the New Orleans based metal band Raccoon City Massacre. Members of the group were directly involved in creating the candle inspired by them.

I did not earn a bachelors degree in Candle and Wax melt making, so I admit that my attempts may lack the technical aspects associated with items originating from a larger corporation but I make sure to put love in each product.

And love is something a machine just can’t provide. At least not yet.

But still support my startup and checkout the candle selection at!

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