Asians are cuter than other people

Despite continual efforts it is difficult to deny scientific fact. Although that difficulty has been lessened over the years a couple of facts remain.

Pancakes are the bomb

and Asians are cute.

One can debate one of the aforementioned facts, but scientific evidence proves that many persons from the continent of Asia posses a gene specifically meant to make them cute.

Cuteness is defined as “inspiring great affection; delightful; charming”. Unlike other modes of attraction measuring cuteness is scientifically quantifiable! One can boast an opinion on which traits they find sexy or beautiful but science has a particular criteria for cuteness. Having smaller limbs, hairless body, “infantile” proportions, rounder faces, larger heads etc. are dubbed traits associated with cuteness and being cute holds many benefits.

Among the benefits are that cutness makes others want to offer you protection. This is the widely accepted reason the young and defenseless of many species garner this trait. One is more likely to defend a tiny baby than a 35 year old man.

Another benefit is that members of the opposite sex find you more attractive and healthy and want to mate with you.

This ultimately results in populations largely comprised of persons garnering the gene. This is also a widely believed reason of why cuteness is so vastly present in the Asian genetic pool in the modern day.

When you combine those benefits the outcome will be the adorable young of any species that you just want to cuddle and protect.

Another outcome is a person of Asian ancestry.

The reason why Asian persons tend to retain elements related to cuteness past infancy is due to the adaptation of a genetic trait by the name of neoteny. Neoteny is defined as “the retention of juvenile features in the adult anima”. As Image 1 visually depicts, physical traits such as smallness, hairlessness, disproportioned limbs etc. evidenced primarily in infants tend to decrease as one ages. However, the neotenous trait prevents that, and thus chubby cheeked tiny adults are developed.

Image 1

The neotenous trait is widely found amongst Asians. There are many hypothetical reasons given to explain this, the most accepted being that Asians millenniums ago naturally developed the trait as a means of protection, and through natural selection as well as the preference to produce offspring with neotonous partners the gene became abundant across the continent presently!

The cuteness that many Asians garner naturally is emphasized through dress and actions. In many Asian countries, especially Japan, cuteness is a significant aspect of daily fashion.

Also, being cute does not only affect Asian women, it effects Asian men as well!!

Also, don’t get your panties in a bunch if you think I’m saying other races can’t be cute. This is not at all what I’m saying, there are a lot of non-Asians that are cute; however this is not about them. This about the cute a$$ Asians.

So do you have any examples of neotenous Asians?

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