I’m back!

I know that my posts were severely missed by my huge fanbase of like 20 followers.

I apologize for causing the turmoil that must have ensued from not having weekly doses of comedic blog posts to look forward to.

I know what you’re thinking. Creole Thrift is usually so consistent, what’s going on?!

What was going on was a case of the blues. I had to get my grandmas record player out and listen to some BB King records. Scratches and all. Imperfections go nicely with a bad day. Or a bad month.

I was down and out because I was shook at the prospect that another Hurricane Katrina-esque event could occur.

I live in New Orleans, always have, and prior to Katrina my life was perfect. I lived in a wonderful neighborhood/ community full of middle class blacks who made me feel glad to be me. I also had a loving family unit comprised of my mama, grandma, grandpa, brother, and uncles. I had a host of friends at school and tons of “Aunties” who were close friends of the family and would chastise me for making a B on a test at school then call the school and asked how they could help me make an A next time. On top of all that my crush liked me back and there were rumors that he was going to ask me out the upcoming Monday🥳. So I was living the (pre) “Teenage dream” Then Katrina came around and ruined it.

Hate is a strong word but it applies here. I HATE Hurricane Katrina; and faced with the prospect that it would happen again

So I packed up a couple of bags and got a plane ticket to visit a friend.

Long story short my flight was canceled.

And I took an Uber there and Uber and Lyft weren’t working.

So I was literally stranded at the airport!

Overpriced food and freezing terminals aside it wasn’t too bad. I made a few friends and got some interesting material to write about in the next few articles. Most importantly I got my groove back and Hurricane Barry proved to be as harmless as a stack of pancakes.

So now I am home at last with a cozy blanket. I am binge-watching anime while eating a snack of pancake covered broccoli (have to get those greens in!). Most importantly I get to resume sharing moments, opinions, and thrift and budget advice with readers of Creole Thrift!

Have you ever been stranded at the airport?

Oh, and follow this blog! I’m probably still going to do it if you don’t. but if you do I would REALLY appreciate it! Here’s a little a$$ as thanks.

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