Vera Bradley items are ugly

I know a lot of persons will strongly disagree with the title of this post and in my defense I do not think that all Vera Bradley items are hideous, just most of them. Also, the designers must have gotten the memo that paisley prints were not exactly lusted after by their intended demographic and thus have been producing significantly less over the years. I also own quite a few of their items in the newer prints. So I can’t be Vera Bradley-ist, I have Vera Bradley friends!

I actually had no idea of the popularity of Vera Bradley items until about middle school. Up until middle school I was surrounded by kids who would rather dress like her

Rather than her

We also had uniforms. So we really were not dressing like anybody at school besides one another, anyway.

But enter Hurricane Katrina! My whole world got knocked upside down and I went to live with my stepmom in Texas.

At my new suburban school brought to me by my enemy Hurricane Katrina,

you could wear whatever you wanedt. Want to dress in plaid skirts and button up blouses like we wore for uniforms at other schools? You could! Have softball practice right after school? No worries, be prepared by wearing workout clothes all day! Have to bring your 3 kids to soccer practice and then hit up Starbucks to get a frappe’? There’s an outfit for you and it comes with a bag for you!

In short I had absolutely no idea why preteen girls wanted to dress like middle aged women.

Nothing’s wrong with middle aged women, in fact I’m about to be one in a few years! I just did not think that young children would want to dress like them.

The popularity of Vera Bradley is fascinating to me. A lot of people seem to agree with me that the patterns are not very attractive, however sales of the items appear to be steady. The sustained popularity of Vera Bradley items are an example of groupthink.

According to groupthink is defined as “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility”. Groupthink is a philosophy coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972 to describe a process by which a group can make bad or irrational decisions.

An example of groupthink is “The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many of the senior officers at Pearl Harbor did not take warnings from Washington DC about potential invasion seriously despite the fact that Japanese messages had been intercepted. Those who didn’t take action believed that the Japanese wouldn’t dare to attempt an assault against the U.S. because they would recognize the futility of war with the United States”.

Fitting this criteria is the massive popularity of an overpriced patterned accessory brand due to the influence of a group of popular girls donning the apparel.

Do you agree that Vera Bradley is ugly and only liked because of groupthink?

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The devil’s in the details

All throughout elementary and middle school I had to wear a uniform to school.

A photographer I am not

Having to conform in regards to the majority of your outfit made people more apt to express their individuality through the details. Sewing on funky buttons in place of the ordinary white ones on your uniform shirt or donning an Hermes scarf in your hair were a few of the minor details used to make a school uniform unique. This attention to detail is one that can be adopted to fit your wardrobe even if you are not required to maintain a specific wardrobe. After all, the devils in the details ;).

“You can never be overdressed or over educated.”

-Oscar Wilde


Buttons go a long way in making a piece stand out. I like to remove the unique and colorful buttons from blazers that I get at the thrift store and place them on white button up shirts.


Unfortunately, the era of bulky statement jewelry is over.

The ending of this era was especially difficult for me because I have a lot of bulky necklaces. But at the risk of appearing “dated” I willingly traded in my bulky jewelry pieces for dainty minimalist jewelry. This is made easier by the low cost of jewelry from vendors on Alieexpress.

The low cost does result in poorer quality ( in my opinion) but at around 16 cents, what do you expect? I tend to buy 2 of everything, because it will either break or I’ll lose it.


My future fashion forecast is that the ascot will regain popularity.

I guessed correctly in regards to a lot of popular fashion trends. Including athleisure and colored hair or wigs. Backed by prior adequate predictions, my current prediction is pretty stable.

But even if wrong, the advice to don a colorful scarf is a great way to make an outfit memorable.


Often tooted as the forgotten accessory wearing a brooch is no longer reminiscent of a grandma.

Brooches come in a variety of shapes and patterns and can express parts of your personality aesthetitiacally. To modernize the classic brooch wear several different ones that fit one cohesive theme. For example, I have a set that’s dog themed. It consists of a brooch fashioned like a paw print, one that’s a dog bone, one in a pug face, one that’s a doghouse, and one that’s a dog food bowl. Wearing them all at once on the lapel of a solid colored jacket helps to make your outfit more visually appealing.


I am a huge fan of layers and believe that every outfit needs a blazer, cardigan, denim jacket or something . This ideology works to my detriment in 100 degree weather, but works out well when I step into businesses and they have the air conditioning set to 30 degrees for some reason.

Either way the appeal and fashion of a uniquely patterned outer layer with a solid colored inward one cannot be denied.

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Remade by Thredup

So recently I came to the conclusion that I need a new wallet. All the cash I have now just won’t fit comfortably in my old one.

So as I embarked on my wallet finding quest I decided what better place to start than the thrift store? You can find cute, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, affordable clothes. So I assumed those principles would apply to wallets as well.

Garnering that assumption in conjunction with my need to purchase a wallet I headed over to my favorite online thriftstore, Thredup. I try to steer clear of online shopping because shopping online makes me forget that I’m not rich and shouldn’t spend thousand of dollars on Amazon buying wigs and Cheetos.

But I had already taken off my pants and put up my hair. When those two events occur I’m not leaving the house. My house could catch on fire and I would question whether or not I should leave.

So armed with my debit card in hand I headed over to Thredup.

Upon immediate inspection I was comforted to see that the site appeared the exact same as it had when I had visited it last. A white background remained accented by clean, black fonts signifying categories available. I was comforted by this consistency.

However, upon closer inspection I noticed a new category available. This category sported an ombre tone in blue and was also in a bold font which also led it to stand out amongst the other menu items. This category was titled “Remade” and defined itself as “A new clothing line designed for the secondhand revolution”.

Other features of the line include size inclusive fashion, a buyback guarantee, use of lasting fabrics to craft their items, and high prices!

The fact that the majority of their items are priced between $32.99 and $49.99 is a significant factor barring many of the customers who prefer thrift shopping because it allows them to spend little on clothing items. They do offer a buyback guarantee of at least 40% but in order to receive that you have to return your item to them in fairly nice condition.

Then on top of that the line is about as fashion forward as my big toe.

Plain white t-shirts, plain black wrap dresses, denim shirts, etc. The Remade line is reminiscent of the Target maternity line. The difference is at least at Target you can get two items and still have money leftover to buy popcorn.

So Thredups Remade line is overpriced, boring, and NOT THRIFT ITEMS.

Have you purchase something from Remade by Thredup? Will you?

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The importance of Patterned pants

I have a big butt; and unlike a lot of people nowadays I was actually born with it and had to traverse times when it wasn’t cool to have wide hips and a big booty.


Before the butt came I was your average sized skinny girl.  When it came I was still average sized, nothing else grew but my butt.  So I was out here looking like this


To make matters worse I just started puberty so when you stir up new body with teasing and a pinch of acne you get the insecure me that persisted throughout my teenaged years.  I absolutely despised my lower half and tried to hide my thickness.  I refused to wear shorts and any pants I wore had to be solid colored and without embellishment on the back pockets.  I did not want to bring any more attention back there than what it already got.  I avoided form fitting bottoms like the plague and only wore low rise jeans (which are absolutely HORRIBLE for all us tiny waist big butt people, I am so glad they’re not prevalent anymore).

Screenshot 2018-09-17 17.36.23

Even Ne-yo experienced the waist gap thing that low rise jeans did

But as I spent more time with my body and as the media began to glorify my body on women of other races.


I began to love my curvy physique.  Women were paying thousands of dollars to get features that I had naturally.  I felt so lucky, and that was the beginning stages of the era I am currently in; of wanting to showcase my big butt and wide hips.

This is where patterned pants come in.  I absolutely love wearing patterned pants, They have become a wardrobe staple.  I have about 30 white tees that cost like $3 and I just pair them with a pair of patterned pants and boom, instantly fashionable.  It literally takes 0 effort to think of an outfit but my outfit is always memorable, classic, and garners loads of compliments.  Patterned pants hug your curves and flaunt curvy lower bodies.  You can’t hide a curvy bottom in at attention grabbing print. The best part is that I get all of my patterned pants from thrift stores so my entire outfit rarely costs more than $20!

So the following are a few of my favorite ways to wear patterned pants!

Friday workdays


Fridays at work an unspoken tradition persists.  In a lot of offices you can ditch the tie on Fridays and let lose in your business casual.  I’m talking khakis, cotton shirts, and floral pants!  I love wearing patterned pants on Fridays, it is a little bit more polished than jeans but more stylish than the typical khaki.

With event shirts

At most events  (March of Dime, Relay for Life, etc.)  they provide you with a tee shirt with their event name on it.  Most people wear it and most people have on jeans.  Resulting in a blob of people that look the exact same.  This situation can actually be dangerous if someone needs to be identified.  For example, if you can’t find your girlfriend asking people if they saw a girl wearing blue jeans and a relay for life shirt is not very helpful.  If she’s wearing a unique pair of bottoms that make her stand out that will!

I was introduced to the concept of wearing unique pants in crowds at a young age.  My mom always took my brother and I to every parade during mardi gras season as a kid (disclaimer for those who don’t live in New Orleans and think Mardi Gras is just one drunk day of titties, Mardi Gras is actually a family friendly season, it’s people that don’t live here who don’t have to consider accidentally flashing their boss who go wild.  Mardi Gras is a respected cultural season.).  One can only imagine the sea of little kids with those purple, gold and green striped shirts and jeans.  They all looked the same, so my mom always had us wear like pokemon patterned pants or something so when we got lost we were easily identifiable.

Running errands

The unofficial uniform of errand running consists of yoga pants and a sweatshirt that smells acceptable.  But although comfortable, yoga pants definitely are not the most stylish.  So trade your sweatpants for comfy and cute patterned palazzo pants!  The wide leg pant is trendy and is fashion forward at the moment.

Do you also love patterned pants?  If so, how do you wear them?

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Thrifting Colors of the Rainbow

So apparently in 2018 we don’t see color.  This blog pertains to fashion/beauty so I’ll keep my views on the racially charged subject of colorblindness to myself.  I’ll just leave this video here that does a funny take on the subject:

So we are not supposed to see the color of people, but when it comes to clothes the PC gods allow us to see color; and it has been a colorful year for fashion in 2018.  Everyone was dying their hair funky colors and rocking color block patterned outfits.  I loved the splashes of color welcomed this year and am excited for 2019 as it is gearing up to be even more colorful according to trends  seen at New York Fashion Week!

Fortunately, you do not have to dig into your kids college fund to follow this trend.  You can find all the colorful fashion pieces from the runway for a fraction of the price at the thrift store!  Examples of how you can bring the colors trend into your wardrobe by utilizing thrift stores are below.


I kind of feel sorry for red.  It’s not trying to be sexy, it’s just being itself!  But yet we can’t help but see red as the sexiest color.  Its like when the geeky girl develops over the summer and comes back to school voluptuous but she still wants to be seen as the book reading, random fact sprouting. childish girl that she is!!!!!! Sorry I got a little personal there….

This season on the runway I noticed that the color red was used to design pieces that were not overtly sexual, they were just being themselves.  However, the attempt at being demure was thwarted with the admission of the color red.

You can find similar red pieces at the online thrift store thredup.



Orange is the middle child of the colors.  It’s “too white for the black kids and too black for the whites” in the words of Earl Sweatshirt.  It’s not quite red, not quite yellow, it exists on that spectrum in between the two, the twilight zone.  Not the beloved 1960’s tv series, but the 3rd remake with Forest Whitaker.

I feel for orange, it’s trying to stand out in a sea of colors.  It’s attempts proved successful this Fall ’18 as we saw more incorporation of the color orange on the runway than ever before.


Yellow is my all time favorite color.  Yellow just gives me old rich lady with a glass of wine politely discussing her late husbands fortune tease.  Yellow is the ultimate og of the rainbow.  Yellow is basically like,”Boo, you may not like me, but you will respect me”.


So don’t you want to embody that self-confidence in your clothing?

Asos Marketplace



When I hear green my mind automatically goes to shamrock shake.  Then mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Then money.  But green is so much more than a delicious mint flavored treat or a fiber packed veggie and it wants to be heard!

Green has had enough of being placed in a tiny box and is bursting out and letting all know it’s “not a girl, not yet a woman” like Brittany Spheres in the early 2000’s.

That assertiveness is part of the reason I love green so much.  The other reason that I love green for this season was due to its diverse use by designers in various pieces.  We saw green in evening wear, casual clothes, trench coats, etc.  Gone are the days when green was only used in those bomber jackets that were all the rage a couple of years ago.



Purple is my second favorite color.  Purple is that bad chick that knows she’s bad but “what’s understood doesn’t need to be said”.  Purple is humble and well rounded.  It’s the queen of the kingdom and the most involved Missionary.  If purple was a person it would be Princess Diana.

The color purple showed its regal-ness this season by being used to showcase a variety of fly pieces.  Specifically gowns and parkas.


What’s your favorite color this season?

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The Roach of the Thrift Store

In my last post I mentioned the prevalence of roaches here in Nawlins (New Orleans for my Yankees).  When I think of my city the first two things that come to my mind are roaches and poboys.  Not a roach po-boy, that’s a disgusting concept to me, but I’m sure its a common dish in some country so I apologize if that offends anyone.


Roaches and po boys aside.


I began thinking of what could actually be considered a roach.  The Houston Chronicle quoted that “Twinkies are said to be able to survive nuclear holocaust, but new science shows why cockroaches are just as hard to get rid of”.  I am basing my definition of roaches on this quote.  Based on this definition “roach” doesn’t mean scary insect that may or may not be able to fly and you won’t know until you try to kill it (sidenote: One of the scariest things ever is when a roach flies unexpectedly, if you have experienced this and lived kudos to you) it means something that has tenacity, something that will always be there.

At thrift stores that thing is the flannel shirt.

You literally cannot go into a thrift store without seeing at least one red and black lumberjack with the hat to match (RIP Biggie).  Also, like roaches, they are extremely hard to kill.  You can set it on fire, spill a glass of wine on it or leave it in the lost and found bin, that plaid button up will STILL stand smiling in your closet like


There’s something endearing about a clothing item that you know will always be there.  That you know you can walk into any thrift store and find.  That level of commitment can only be found in roaches and twinkies.

Not only is the flannel  invincible and bountiful, it’s also a symbol of American culture.

Arnold aka football head notoriously rocked one.


Notorious B.I.G rapped about it in Juicy.


It also was a 90’s fashion staple!

No matter where you are in the world the flannel shirt will remind you of home, like roaches (maybe that’s just me…).  So for that I crown the flannel shirt the roach of the thrift store.

What do you think the thrift store roach is?

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T-shirts are anything but boring

The t-shirt is often thought of as a basic essential.  You get one at your kids’ school “Relay for Life” event for participating or maybe took one from your significant other to sleep in.  You may even have purchased a few “nice” t shirts to wear when running errands to not look like a slob.  Whatever the reason t-shirts are viewed as a simple article of clothing to be worn in one way and no other,  When you hear the word t-shirt your mind probably goes to this:


But a t shirt can be many other things.

Below is a list of the top 7 things you can make out of a t shirt without having to sew.  Many of us weren’t blessed with amazing sewing skills so the following t-shirt hacks only require scissors.

1. Apron


DIY steps: Here

This is my most used clothing hack.  It is easy, simple, and free!  When you successfully figure out how to do this you will never get spaghetti sauce on your cooking clothes again!

2. Necklace


DIY steps: Here

I absolutely love the statement necklace.  It takes any outfit from 0 to 100 real quick.

I like to lounge around in black leggings and a tank top.  So I look basic.  But if I throw on a statement necklace I suddenly go from basic to baddie.  Luckily a quality statement necklace doesn’t have to break the bank.  With the option to turn a basic t shirt into a beautiful statement piece everyone can be a baddie.

3. Cozy square top


DIY steps: Here

This top just screams hot chocolate, blanket, and Netflix!  This hack works best with a really large shirt.  So you can peruse the mens clothes to find your future cozy square shirt.

4. Workout shirtDIY-Racerback-Workout-Shirt-Tutorial

DIY steps: Here

After doing 30 minutes or so of cardio chances are your armpit sweat has had its chance to ruin your expensive workout shirt.  Pit stains are inevitable, one way to minimize them is by going sleeveless!  Also, if you do manage to ruin this shirt and have to throw it out  chances are you did not pay as much for the t shirt as you would for an activewear top.

5. Tank Top


DIY steps: Here

There are few things better than feeling the breeze on your shoulders on a hot summers day,  This shoulder action is easily obtained by following the steps listed in the tutorial.

Random fact: Showing your shoulder used to be considered immodest back in the day and still is in some places.

6. Dolman tee


DIY steps: Here

Remember on your High Schools Homecoming Day you would get that big shirt and tie it in the back with a hair tie for a fitted look?  This is the grown woman version of that.

7. Cardigan


DIY steps: Here

Cardigans are similar to statement necklaces, they have the ability to take your outfit from basic to baddie, but they have the added benefit of being able to keep you warm. This simple DIY details how you can make one out of a t-shirt!

What is your favorite t shirt hack?  Mines is the apron.

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You can always find this item at thrift stores


If you filled in the blank with “a blazer” you are correct.  Pat yourself on the back.  My favorite clothing item of all time is the blazer.  You can dress its up with a black pencil skirt and go to a meeting or dress it down with a body con dress and look cute and casual at the club.  Blazers are also super versatile in print.  You can have them the Will way or the Carlton way, its up to you.

That being said the Golden Age of the blazer was the decade of 1980.  Blazers were all the rage and fashion companies produced blazers in unique patterns, colors, and fabrics.  Blazers looked good and made being warm look fashionable.  Now in present day I want to be warm while still looking fashionable but blazers are not nearly as bountiful or unique in 2018 as they were in 1988.  You’d be lucky to find a blazer in a color other than black or blue and don’t even try to find a blazer in a pattern.

But if you’re like me and still love blazers in 2018 don’t fret because the thrift store got you.  A lot of the people that wore funny patterned blazers in the ’80’s grew up and unique blazers no longer fit their wardrobe so they donated them to thrift stores where people like you and I can buy them😀.  The only thing is that these blazers tend to have shoulder pads.  Luckily removing shoulder pads is really easy.

My favorite place to find blazers is a thrift store.  You can ALWAYS find at least one blazer that you like when thrifting, even when you’re not looking for it.  A couple of the blazers that I have found at thrift stores are below.  I got them all from Asos Marketplace!


This lovely striped blazer is my favorite clothing item right now..  Stripes are so hot!  I like wearing it with a plain tank, leather body con skirt, and heeled sandals.  Its perfect to wear for a night out.  Instead of wearing a statement necklace I wear a statement jacket.


The second blazer I want to mention is a cross between a jacket and a blazer, I call it a blazer but some people think its a jacket, what do you think?  Anyways, I love how ornate the buttons are as well as the pattern.  It gives me middle aged lady at church vibes.  It has a matching ankle length skirt and I wore it to church Sunday.


Ok, so I lied.  I said that the striped blazer was my favorite clothing item right now and it’s not.😖.  This blazer is.  Look at the pattern!  It gives All That tease.  (I’m a 90’s kid so that means something to me).  When I look at it everything around me disappears and I’m back sitting on the floor in my mawmaws house watching Pokemon.  Ahhh the nostalgia.

What’s your favorite thing to thrift?


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