Halloween Costumes for babies

I love the kids and the kids love me, especially babies.  When I see a cute little chubby baby I Just want my own!  They are so cute and precious I get super envious.  Then I remember that babies turn into toddlers and ultimately teenagers and my desire to have one of my own quickly fades away.  Kids are still undeniably cute for about 2 … Continue reading Halloween Costumes for babies


Decorate your bedroom for Halloween!

The greatest element of any holiday is the feeling it invokes in you.  On Christmas it is a feeling of warmth and joy, Thanksgiving it’s the feeling of gratitude and abundance, and on Halloween it’s eeriness and the impending feeling of doom. The feeling of being scared is addictive.  Proof of this can be found in the popularity of Stephen King books, American Horror Story, … Continue reading Decorate your bedroom for Halloween!