Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth is finally here and I am excited! My level of love for Juneteenth is equivalent of that of that when syrup first met pancakes. If you do not know what Juneteenth is you should first be ashamed. Be very ashamed. When you are done being ashamed you can gain the knowledge of Juneteenth. Juneteenth is defined as “a festival held annually on the nineteenth … Continue reading Happy Juneteenth!


Happy Birthday!

DISCLAIMER:  The following post is sad and deals with death. If unwilling to read on this topic the upbeat tone of Creole Thrift will resume Friday. Many people hold the mistaken belief that one experiences the stages of grief sequentially. One after the preceding stage in a neatly organized line. A line which will only last two years tops then fade away cleanly in a mist of acceptance. A mist used to serve as an example that eventually the grief will completely absolve and everything will be ok. Unfortunately this … Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Super easy Mardi Gras king cake

February is so dramatic. There’s just a lot going on with this month. From being Black History Month to being the home of valentines day and sometimes Mardi Gras, February has a lot on its plate. To add to the load is the fact that it’s also the birthday month of a beautiful, unique, and intelligent person. Not, Rihanna, ME! Lucky for my twin brother … Continue reading Super easy Mardi Gras king cake