Creole Thrift is back!

As I grow older my willingness to pay to get things fixed decreases. I’m of the mindset that I can do anything myself.

Iphone screen cracks? I can fix that.

Air conditioner breaks? I can fix that.

Pipes burst? I can fix that.

I have no idea how to do any of those things! But I still do them. Armed with a Youtube tutorial on how to complete the task and low expectations I always complete the task that I set out to do.

My spirit of frugal ambition is not solely reserved for repairs; it also rears its head when no problem exists, just a need.

Need deodorant? I can make that.

Need toothpaste? I can make that.

Need scented candles? I can make that.

Yes, scented candles are a necessity. As instrumental in life as toothpaste or deodorant. If I had to choose between buying candles or toilet paper it wouldn’t be a tough decision. I can disguise the smell of feces stains left on my butt with the warm scent of a vanilla candle.

Lucky for me I have discovered (through Youtube) how to get my scented wax product fix without having to actually buy them and financially support a billionaire male who is more inclined to save a VCR player than a black child in a house fire.

Introducing my new line of candles influenced by scents and images found in my amazing city of New Orleans!

There’s currently four scents available for purchase. Creole Candle also has a candle inspired by the New Orleans based metal band Raccoon City Massacre. Members of the group were directly involved in creating the candle inspired by them.

I did not earn a bachelors degree in Candle and Wax melt making, so I admit that my attempts may lack the technical aspects associated with items originating from a larger corporation but I make sure to put love in each product.

And love is something a machine just can’t provide. At least not yet.

But still support my startup and checkout the candle selection at!


College isn’t for you

Chances are that you have been introduced to the “American Dream” at least once in your life. The fairytale that anyone can be a prince or a princess in America if you just work hard! Like a real life Cinderella you can break free from your wicked stepmother (poverty) and marry your prince charming and live happily ever after in a castle and never worry again!

In America our prince charming is school and your assorted helpers probably don’t exist if you’re poor! Yes, you are expected to meet your prince charming and have your “happily ever after” with absolutely no help. Also, if you somehow get to the ball chances are you probably won’t drop your shoe and will be back to scrubbing floors and having intimate conversations with mice soon after.

The government is basically like “You can walk to the ball, its only 8 miles. Oh and you can stay out as late as you want, you’ll get a little outfit change around midnight. Have fun!”

So with little help initially and no help during or after you are released and expected to emerge a wealthy princess living happily ever after!

Chances are that will not be the outcome, however that ideal is one dangled in the faces of many Americans.

If you can get to college then yay! Everyone celebrate!

Then when you arrive there after walking 8 miles in heels and a hot a$$ ball gown all those smiling faces dissappear; and you and your tuition are left alone like ’03 Bonnie and Clyde.

Ultimately the stress of funding your poor college student lifestyle combined with doing well in your classes, having a social life, and being involved on campus, is too much to bear and traumatizing! I still wake up in cold sweats because of a nightmare that I have a paper due in the morning but I have to work that evening, and I graduated from undergrad too long ago (to be sneakin’ all in your dorm room)!

What’s even worse is that you go through all of that stress just to emerge thousands of dollars in debt while working the same job you worked while going to school.

Everyone LOVES to preach about this “American Dream” and how all you need to get there is school but everyone disappears when you get there. Those same people pushing you to go to college scatter like roaches when the lights come on as soon as you need money to buy books.

If you are like most of us Americans and come from a middles class family that is only a paycheck or two away from homelessness, chances are your family isn’t able to provide you with the large amounts of money needed to finance a single semester in college. As a result you either work hard while studying hard to pay for things or take out student loans that you wiill have to work hard to pay off for the rest of your life. In contrast is the kid whose parents are rich enough to finance their education while also providing them a monthly allowance.

If you are not that kid then college just is not for you. Yes, college is SUPER fun and valuable, however if you have to work all the time to pay for it you wont be able to enjoy the social perks associated with college.

I was lucky enough to have two AMAZING jobs on campus that were sensitive to my student needs (taking off a week before finals, not working Friday nights to allow for thot-like activities etc.) but this is not a common occurrence. If this does not apply to you then college isn’t for you, sorry.

There is no point going into debt and not even being guaranteed a job. To pay for school you will have to have 2 jobs that you get paid for and one that you pay for (school).

As the famous philosopher Aubrey Drake Graham once said “You only live once that’s the motto *bleep* YOLO”.

So do you want to spend your one life slaving away starting around 18 years old?

Then forego college and consider alternatives. There’s the military, trade schools, apprenticeships, etc.

Talk to your guidance counselor about cheaper pathways to success! Also, while you’re at it slap that ho and ask them why they don’t promote these options to high school students?!

Do you think that college is overhyped? Do you know of any other pathways to success?

Does race matter in camming? part 1

As I frequently note, I grew up in a neighborhood comprised of mostly Black Americans. As a result of this lack of diversity a comfortableness with expressing stereotypes based on race was common. It was not unusual to hear “Black people always loud” or “you know white people can’t dance” quite frequently. Although I have been exposed to vast diversity since my childhood and repeatedly have evidenced these stereotypes to be false I am led to believe that these stereotypes are still held by the majority of society due to de facto segregation and the frequency of micro-aggressions commonly made against minorities. Little defense mechanisms made by others upon my approach are so common that I do not even notice them! It is only when I am with someone of a race unfamiliar with them are they pointed out to me. Racism is just as prominent today as it was in the era of Jim Crow.

In 2019 a lot of Americans would like to believe that we live in a post-racial society; unfortunately this is not true. Data shows that as a society we are more racist than ever (Pew Poll). This is confirmed by The Huffington Post which states that “racism still manifests itself frequently in everyday life”. Evidence of racial disparities in schools, jobs, wealth, etc. are expounded upon to validate this claim in the Huffington post article. In this article a brief expose’ on racial disparities in the webcam world will be examined.

It has been driven into our heads for decades that a beautiful woman is a dainty white woman with a slender frame and tiny features.

This dream girl had to have pale soft skin and sexy wavy hair. Her thinness evidenced her fragility and need to be protected by a big strong man. Due to her weakness she was prone to frequent fainting spells. Thankfully the help was always there to catch her sexy self.

The help was usually a heavy set black woman and was not seen as sexy. This perception of dark-skinned black American women as the overweight sidekick to the cute and sexy white or light-skinned girl is one which has been blasted by the media for decades.

This unconscious association of black women as less attractive is very evident in the world of camming. To validate this I perused the homepages of a few popular camming sites. In my passive research I counted a total of only four phenotypically black girls on the homepages of six different camming sites. This was only 4 women out of about 500 girls!

Unfortunately, this racial difference was also evidenced to affect tips procured. Using a small sample size of only twenty models financial rewards were 70 percent higher for models that did not appear phenotypically black.

I evidenced an obvious layer of racism within the cammming community quite a while ago. The absence of diversity on the homepage was evident to me immediately. Yet, when I pointed it out to people of other races they reported that they had not noticed this. I have also been led to wonder whether I notice racism and colorism more than those who do not experience it because I am frequently affected by it. I say this as a response to the gaggle of non-black people who will think “racism? RACISM? it’s all in her head no ones racist.”

Let me end part one of my series on race now. Don’t fret! I will continue to explore racism in the sex industry monthly.

Tune in on the first Friday of every month were we will discuss race-related topics to camming! Also, what are your thoughts on this topic?

Why Black girls have big butts

Disclaimer: Some people love to claim that “we are all the same”. This ideal is unfortunately not true. There are various physiological adaptations that groups of people have developed as a result of external circumstances pertaining to them over thousands of years. An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed in the differences between African elephants and Asian elephants. They are both elephants, however differences in everything from skin density to diet can be evidenced.

In recent years the curvy physique has become popular in the mainstream. The main stream media features girls with wide hips as the ideal and big butts as desirable.

One would forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the ideal body was devoid of the curves celebrated in the modern day.

The sudden popularity of Brazilian Butt Lifts and the uplifting of women with obvious fake butts leaves women with naturally large rears perplexed. They had to navigate a society in which their big thighs, wide hips, and big butts were often ridiculed by the mainstream. In addition to that they also had to deal with the emotional confusion of being considered highly desirable and attractive to those in their own areas with like-minded individuals and mediocre to others in the mainstream.

These physical attributes also were attributed to being black; and prior to 2005 being black was the worst thing you could be.

While in the modern day claims that black women often have bigger butts naturally than their lighter skinned counterparts are considered outrageous by the sudden crop of thin and white girls with large fake butts or athletic and toned ones; a combination of history and fact has shown this belief that genetically other races are equally exposed to big buts as people of African descent to be untrue.

In addition to numerous caricatures of black women portraying exaggeratedly big behinds is history of phrases and sexual exploitation of big black butts. There also is often drawn a correlation drawn between big booties and black girls.

Big lips and big butts are ugly! Only on black girls though #culturalappropriation

Holding the assumption that black girls have larger and more pronounced butts than other races leads to the question of why? Why do black women have big butts? In the following paragraphs this question will be answered.


Meriam-Websters dictionary defines steatopygia as ” a genetic characteristic leading to increased accumulation of adipose tissue in the buttock region, is found in women of sub-Saharan African origin, most notably (but not solely) among the Khoisan of southern Africa and Pygmies of central Africa. .” Steatopygia is an adaptive trait theorized to have developed initially among women in hotter cllimates as it increases surface area on the body and thus increases area for the body to disperse heat.

As Black Americans are descendants of the Sub-Saharan Africans who initially garnered the trait, Black Americans are still reported to have this gene.

So big butts are not just wallets, they are also air conditioners!


According to the U.S Census Bureau “Of all the people who reported as Black in Census 2000, 54 percent lived in the South”. The majority of Black Americans live in the southern United States. As a result many partake in “southern” foods laden with butter and bacon grease. I’m talking Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lamb, Rams, Hogs, Maws.

This diet high in fat results in bigger EVERYTHING.


There are NUMEROUS examples of black girls having big butts in the media. From Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé black celebrities are admired for their derriere’s as much as they are for their art .

Whether positive or negative the words big butt usually bring to mind an image of a black girl.

The words fake big butt bring to mind this.

So black women are genetically inclined to have a nice rear end. But you don’t have to be black to have a nice butt. You can always workout!

Sorry….you can also buy one!

What do you think about butts? Can anyone have a big butt?


Vera Bradley items are ugly

I know a lot of persons will strongly disagree with the title of this post and in my defense I do not think that all Vera Bradley items are hideous, just most of them. Also, the designers must have gotten the memo that paisley prints were not exactly lusted after by their intended demographic and thus have been producing significantly less over the years. I also own quite a few of their items in the newer prints. So I can’t be Vera Bradley-ist, I have Vera Bradley friends!

I actually had no idea of the popularity of Vera Bradley items until about middle school. Up until middle school I was surrounded by kids who would rather dress like her

Rather than her

We also had uniforms. So we really were not dressing like anybody at school besides one another, anyway.

But enter Hurricane Katrina! My whole world got knocked upside down and I went to live with my stepmom in Texas.

At my new suburban school brought to me by my enemy Hurricane Katrina,

you could wear whatever you wanedt. Want to dress in plaid skirts and button up blouses like we wore for uniforms at other schools? You could! Have softball practice right after school? No worries, be prepared by wearing workout clothes all day! Have to bring your 3 kids to soccer practice and then hit up Starbucks to get a frappe’? There’s an outfit for you and it comes with a bag for you!

In short I had absolutely no idea why preteen girls wanted to dress like middle aged women.

Nothing’s wrong with middle aged women, in fact I’m about to be one in a few years! I just did not think that young children would want to dress like them.

The popularity of Vera Bradley is fascinating to me. A lot of people seem to agree with me that the patterns are not very attractive, however sales of the items appear to be steady. The sustained popularity of Vera Bradley items are an example of groupthink.

According to groupthink is defined as “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility”. Groupthink is a philosophy coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972 to describe a process by which a group can make bad or irrational decisions.

An example of groupthink is “The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many of the senior officers at Pearl Harbor did not take warnings from Washington DC about potential invasion seriously despite the fact that Japanese messages had been intercepted. Those who didn’t take action believed that the Japanese wouldn’t dare to attempt an assault against the U.S. because they would recognize the futility of war with the United States”.

Fitting this criteria is the massive popularity of an overpriced patterned accessory brand due to the influence of a group of popular girls donning the apparel.

Do you agree that Vera Bradley is ugly and only liked because of groupthink?

Don’t donate to charity!

A popular phenomenon that has been evidenced for years now is that of sharing a percentage of your income with charitable organizations. Whether it’s the insistence of paying 10 % of your income every Sunday to God (God is synonymous to pastor, they have to pay their mortgage some way!) or giving 10 cents a day to a starving child in Africa; giving financially is encouraged.

It has been the norm, up until recent years, to donate to non-profit organizations. A study done by researchers from Texas A&M using data gathered from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan—which collects information on personal income, wealth, education, and spending—to determine the likelihood that someone gave money to charity and how much he or she gave found this decline to be true. The survey data included a sample of 13,000 people asked about a range of topics on an annual basis from 2001 to 2013. This allowed researchers to compare giving patterns before, during, and immediately after the Great Recession while controlling for factors such as income, wealth, state of residence, the local housing market, race, gender, and family size.

About 61 percent of households reported giving to charity in 2000, with an average gift of about $2,600. As a proportion of income, that means that the average person gave away 3.7 percent of his or her earnings. And each year after 2000, charitable giving increased by one or two percentage points until 2008, when the recession started and contributions began drying up.

The study failed to account for the lowering value of the American dollar and the affect of such on disposable income of those responsible for charitable giving. Ten years ago you could get a cheeseburger, fries, a drink, and buy the guy hanging outside the corner stores mixtape for $5.00.

In 2019 You can’t even get a decent sized burger for $5.00.

This as well as more knowledge on the low percentage of your donation actually used on the cause has also led to a decrease in donations. According to about a quarter of your donation to a charity goes to administrative and marketing costs. That’s like loaning someone 100 bucks and they give you back 75.

An even higher percentage is withheld in donations to some organizations. A popular non-profit organization is reported by to only spend 51% of your donation on aspects related to it’s cause!

If I give $50.00 to a charity that 50 better go to that cause, not support some rich guys video game obsession.

So in light of those facts I advocate for camgirls who want to donate to give back using other methods.

For example, using excess tips to make it rain on other models that indicate they’re pregnant or are not receiving what they deserve that night. I advocate for community wealth building so keeping money in your community is a benefit to you ultimately as well!

Another option is to buy a bunch of school uniform shirts at Goodwill and donate them to an inner city school. Goodwill is literally giving away uniforms in the summer. I know for a fact we have to wear uniforms at public schools in New Orleans and every year there were always kids in my class whose parents could not afford to buy them uniforms.

Lastly if you MUST donate consider donating to a smaller organization. An organization that won’t use your donation to pay for its Super Bowl commercial or Advertisement in Teen Vogue magazine.

Do you donate to charity? Leave your answer below!

Life of a camgirl posts are now going to be located on

Get more out of your liquor!

I pride myself on not talking about or advocating for anything that I have not personally done or experienced.

If I advocate for purchasing high quality and lower priced articles of clothing from thrift stores in lieu of maxxing out your credit cards buying new name brand clothing pieces at stores, its because I’ve been there.

Keeping in line with that, I cannot advocate for you to completely cut alcohol out of your life because I do get a lil tipsy myself once in a while.

I try to drink sparingly because I am a lightweight. I’ve blacked out more times than Homer Simpson has said d’oh.

That being said, when I do drink I try to stretch out my liquor. Make it last. Actually enjoy it. No longer am I taking shots of Patron with rum and coke as my chaser.

This fits lol

I make my alcohol last. Here’s some ways I utilize to allow me to be able to pop bottles like every other week instead of every day.

Fireball Whisky marshmallows

Ahhhhh, it’s so nice on a rainy night to snuggle up with a warm blanket, a nice book of short stories, and a cup of hot chocolate with these fireball whiskey marshmallows. #theperfectnight

Fruit Loop Vodka Popsicles

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee

What better way to “wake up before ya’ go go” than coffee? Coffee AND alcohol!

Pina Colada cupcakes

Don’t worry, I won’t sing that pina colada song that people sing every time a pina colada is mentioned. How annoying is it for your name to always inspire the singing of a song?

Drunken Gummy bears

My best friend all four years of undergrad used to eat these in our Thursday evening classes. TGIT (thank God it’s Thursday) Turn up!

Aint About the Money by TI ft Young Thug

“How do you drink your liquor? Do you drink it all, like a raisin in the sun? or fester like a sore and then run?”

Langston Hughes inspired

Ways to leave the camgirl in the bed

I have to come clean about something.

I …I am

an actress!

Yes I have acted in my fairshare of high school and middle school plays.

I’m kinda a big deal

As an actress I get into my character roles by practicing method acting. Oxford Dictionary defines method acting as “a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part, based on the system evolved by Stanislavsky and brought into prominence in the US in the 1930s”.

Well known examples of method acting include Christian Bale in his role in Machinist. Bale portrayed a sleep-deprived drill-press operator who was thin and haggard due to his lifestyle. In order to prepare for his role Bale went through a self-imposed period of isolation as well as drastic weightloss.

Another example of method acting is that of Heath Ledger in The Dark Night.

In preparation for the role of the Joker Ledger fully immersed himself into a dark and troubling past in order to adequately portray the troubled villain. This led Ledger to perform fantastically in the role but unfortunately also led to his death. Ledger’s death is widely attributed to Ledger’s inability to excorcise his embodiment of his role.

The horrible case of Heath Ledger is unfortunately one which is experienced by many others. The act of having a difficult time separating yourself from a character is one also explained by actor Michael B. Jordan in THIS article.

The ability to let go of a character is difficult for those responsible for spending long time periods immersed in a role. However, they can be comforted by the knowledge of when that role will end.

That luxury is often not afforded to camgirls who unfortunately do not know exactly when the camming period will end.

Excorcising the sex-obsessed character that one embodied whilst camming is also made difficult mentally as the character follows you around no matter what you do. For example, you could be having Sunday dinner with the family at Big Mamas house and you randomly get a kik message demanding a picture of your “private”.

Luckily I have amassed a few methods to utilize as a camgirl to essentially excorcise the role.

Schedule a time and stick to it

Schedule an hour or two a day dedicated to camgirl activities. That includes taking pictures or videos, snapchatting, kik messaging, etc. During the time scheduled adopt your sensual alter-ego. When the time period has ended and you feel as if you are finished with your duties get up and resume your day. Do not allow yourself to dedicate time outside of that to do anything related to camming..

Set up a ritual to do everytime that you are finished camming

One needs to have a transition period between being the camgirl and the girl. Forming a ritual which will serve as a signal to your brain to return to reality is important. This symbol is akin to the chess pieces utilized by Frances in Castle Rock to signal to herself that she must return to the present universe. Some examples of rituals include watching a video on YouTube, Reading memes on Twitter, Meditation session, etc.

Never cam where you rest at

As Biggie warned us all “never sell crack where you rest at”. You probably aren’t selling crack in your bed

But in this case “selling crack” is synonymous with camming. Performing a work related activity brings the energy or work and the stressors that come with it. Your bad should be somewhere you relax, sleep, or do other things

so you do not want your brain to associate that place with work. If you do not have another bedroom just laying around waiting to be used you can always change up the space by using different bedding, adding pillows, and lighting a scented candle to distinguish your bedroom from your cam area.

These are my tips to return your spirit back to the present and relinquish it from the dungeon that you locked in whilst camming.

What are your tips?

Thrift Find: “Damn girl how you fit all of that in those jeans!”

I wear a lot of hats. From my chef hat when I’m chef boyarbee to a visor when I’m getting buff at the gym, my head is never empty.

Well, except for when I’m chilling at home, which is 90% of the time. I am what you would call a “homebody”.

I’m the friend that you invite out but know she’s not going to come.

I am a true introvert. Sidenote: Extroverts are perfect friends and romantic partners for introverts because they make introverts actually put on pants sometimes and go somewhere.

I know I’m not the only person in the world that doesn’t wear pants at home!

But when I do actually step out of the house I like to look classy and fashion forward. To achieve this while still maintaining comfort I will often don a pair of flattering denim pants. Also known as “jeans”.

My favorite brand of jeans are Levis. The reason why is because they are literally made for big butt small waist people like me. Levi jeans eliminate the need for a belt when wearing them. That pesky waist gap problem is eliminated with Levi jeans.

Neyo needed Levis!

So on a trip to the thriftstore I found a pair of perfect high-waisted Levi jeans.

Look at them.

Ignore my weight gain, its water. I gained 30 pounds of water…

Were they not made for me? Sure they are a little bit big but hey you win some and you lose some.

Ok, so they don’t appear big, but I like to have to “lay back in the bed just to zip ’em up” and I `don’t have to do that with them. I could zip them up just fine standing upright. Thus making them too big

I make this post to confirm my earlier statements that the thriftstore boasts a massive inventory full of hidden gems waiting to be found.U