I’m back and Thanksgiving is the middle child

________ is back, tell a friend.


I know, I know; you all missed me; but please hold your applause until the end..

I don’t know, but what I do know is that I am not going to interfere with the course of things by talking about them online while they are in progress.

However, when everything is concluded I promise that I will write a blog post about it.

In the mean time just know that

  1. I’m out of my funk and back to posting every other Wednesday.
  2. A short little blurb will follow this one.
  3. “Bush doesn’t care about black people” mic drop.

Thanksgiving: the middle child

For many people the holy trinity of holidays is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Mine is comprised of Easter, Mardi Gras, and Juneteenth; but then again I am a different breed.

Considering the standard norm one may notice that Thanksgiving is nestled smack dab in the middle of two worldwide phenomenon’s.

Thanksgiving is like Chris Brown in a group comprised of Chris, R. Kelly, and Bill Cosby. The public scrutiny and gravity of the offenses committed by the other two are so great that they manage to make Breezy look good.

So this holiday season put some respect on Thanksgivings name and honor it.

Don’t disrespect it by putting up another holidays decorations on that day,

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for tv



As I expressed in a previous post I don’t really like Christmas.

Christmas is out here with all the bells and whistles demanding all the attention while I’m competing to be heard.  Christmas is the Nicki Minaj of the year while I’m the Chinese Kitty.

 But despite my issues with Christmas I still thoroughly enjoy Christmas movies and tv episodes.

Something about a good Claymation movie or a rendition of A Christmas Carol with your favorite tv show cast really gets to me.  Its guaranteed to be the one episode of the year when everyone shows heartfelt love.  Even the antagonist of the series displays such compassion that you forget why you don’t like them.

Then January rolls around and helps you to remember.

So Christmas is my least favorite holiday to actually celebrate but brings my favorite specials.  Following is a list of my favorite Christmas specials aka the inevitable “Christmas episode” of tv series.

 Goodtimes: A traveling Christmas

To be honest I’m a little biased when it comes to this pick because Goodtimes is my favorite show ever and can do no wrong in my eyes.  They could literally have an entire episode with Florida screaming “damn damn damn!” in a santa hat and it would’ve made this list.

But this episode has more than that.  It involves the Evans family getting ready to throw their annual Christmas party!  That Evans family throws a lot of parties for a seemingly impoverished family living in the projects.

So Keith reveals that he has to work the night of the party and cannot attend.  The Evans family decides that they will bring the party to Keith’s job!

 Fresh Prince of  Bel-Air:Deck the Halls



 Proud Family: Seven Days of Kwanzaa


This episode taught us about the Black American celebration of Kwanzaa.  It begins with the Proud family inviting a seemingly homeless family over for Christmas dinner. The next day a plot twist occurs and the family reveals their true selves.

South Park: Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo


Arguably the most controversial piece of crap out

in this episode South Park has to remove anything related to Christmas or offensive.  With three stipulations Mr. Hankey can shine, as he is not offensive.  However, there is one problem, Mr. Hankey only reveals himself to Kyle.

Living  Single: Living Kringle

Synclair is always over-dramatic and her reaction to Christmas follows this pattern. However, Synclair’s enthusiasm for the holiday season is not matched by her friends.  In a series of hilarious efforts Synclair seeks  to change that.

The Jeffersons: 984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C

This episode is dedicated to all the people out there who think they man cheatin’ when they discover they sending gifts to mysterious address.  *Spoiler* George wasn’t lying when he denied Louise’s accusations.

Rugrats: Channakuh

This iconic Rugrats episode introduced little children everywhere to the concept of Channakuh through a rendition of stories in which the “babies” played the characters.

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