Halloween Costumes for babies

COstumes 4 babies

I love the kids and the kids love me, especially babies.  When I see a cute little chubby baby I Just want my own!  They are so cute and precious I get super envious.  Then I remember that babies turn into toddlers and ultimately teenagers and my desire to have one of my own quickly fades away.  Kids are still undeniably cute for about 2 years, after that it’s up to the universe to determine if they are cute or not.  While in this stage babies can wear any halloween costume and it will look cute.  Babies can literally wear a white tee shirt and look cute.


But if they want to step it up they can wear an actual costume.  Following are the cutest halloween costumes for babies,


I don’t drink soda but I’d have to make an exception for this cutie.


I personally would not really be frightened if this monster was in my closet.  I would think “how’d a baby get in my closet?!”


Forget pumpkin spice lattes and order that grande baby frap with soy!


I wonder if Chucky is thinking about his mom?  (sidenote: One of the saddest moments ever on the big screen is on the movie when Chucky wanted a mom 🙁 )


The prince of Wakanda!

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Top 10 scary movies from the ’90’s


Many people that I know love scary movies because they give them an  excuse to cuddle up to their partner seeking protection because they are so scared, many guys that I know love them because they give them the opportunity to be a strong protector.  Some people think they’re comical and love them for that.  These people are my brother and his friends who buy cheap Japanese horror films like Dead Sushi and Zombie Ass and laugh their butts of at them.

dead sushi.jpg

Then there are the people like me.  I’m somewhat of a horror flick connoisseur.

fancy guy.jpg

I prefer a traditional blend of thriller and intellectual context in my scary movie cocktail.  I’m talking murder your boyfriend with a nail clipper then delve into the deep psychological issues that led you to kill him type of scary movies.  That psychological aspect in horror films combined with compelling writing and fantastic cinematography is best found in the era dubbed “The Golden Age of Horror” in the 1920s-30’s.  Films such as Dracula contributed to that decade earning that title.

However, I beg to differ from the accepted belief that Golden Ages are free from the ever changing thoughts and circumstances of the current time.  For example, citizens of the ’60’s were faced with nuclear wars, integration, mass  killings, space travel, etc.  The last thing that concerned them were tales of fake monsters from under the sea coming to hurt them, they had real monsters a block away!  These circumstances reflected themselves in the accepted horror of the  period.  Horror such as The Birds or The Andy Griffith Show (just kidding, kind of…I mean two trigger happy white cops in the South does inspire fear in my black self) were praised and according to many from that era the horror movies and tv shows from the ’60’s were the best.

andy griffith show

This belief is partly due to nostalgia, and I can relate because I dub my childhood decade, the ’90’s, as having the most memorable horror movies.  The 90’s is dubbed by many a transitional time period in scary movies.  It was coming out from that time period in the 80’s when a group of teens played by 30 year olds going into the woods and getting killed was the accepted horror movie format and going into a whole new millennium.

Fake monsters had been thoroughly used as villains in horror films of years past.

Julie Adams and the Gill Man in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, 1954.

But in the ’90s the villains were human.


The ’90’s saw villains such as Candyman and Hannibal Lecter.

Scary movies in the 90’s were real and that’s what made them truly scary.  We could imagine going to the woods with our friends to film something like on The Blair Witch Project or getting stuck in a blizzard and helped by a seemingly kind woman that turns out to be an obsessive psychopath like in Misery.

misery movie.png

Being plausible is one of the most important factors in a good horror film.  The others being a fluid plot line, relatable characters, and suspense.  The following 10 movies from the 1990s have all of these elements and can be accessed on a variety of streaming platforms.  So when deciding which movie to watch that will have you looking over your shoulder for days afterwards, consult this list.

1. Misery


This was the film that introduced me to the wonderful Kathy Bates.  As a side note Kathy actually won the Oscar for Best Actress this year for her performance in this movie.  This Oscar winning film was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Stephen King.

The plot of the film follows an author who was “rescued” by a crazed fan.  Ensuing build up in each scene leads to great pace in regards to the plot.  When that is then combined with phenomenal acting the ensuing great film is produced.

2. Candyman


For some reason Candyman was always on tv and all the kids at my school were allowed to watch it.  Now that I look back I question allowing a scary movie to run during primetime on a weekday,  I also question the portrayal of Black Americans in media.  Why we always got to live in the projects or the hood (Goodtimes, Lean on me, Menace to Society, etc.)?  Black people can’t be middle class and have a healthy relationship like everyone else on tv?  But I digress, back to the movie…

The foundational plot of Candyman is relatively simple and has an associated tale in countries around the world.  Basically if you look in a mirror and say his name five times Candyman will appear and fudge stuff up.  Simple, right?

fuck it up.jpg

Fudge it up!

Candyman  is a gem for taking this simple plot and using it to explore deeper issues and to also examine inequities in America.  Candyman also served as a visual representation of the true horrors faced daily by those living in housing developments.

3.  The Sixth Sense

sixth sense.jpg

Most 90’s kids were too young to see this movie when it came out but may remember the line “I see dead people”.  This line alone makes it a memorable movie but I will explain briefly why it is also a great movie.

It is great both for the foreboding sense that it brought to the audience by teasing us with the supernatural and also for its steady pacing.

4. The Silence of the Lambs

silence of the lambs

This film following the tale of a cannibal and profiler is most notable for the line “hello, clariece”.  The scary thing is this line was actually never spoken.  The fact that this film had the power to truly implant memories in the brains of viewers is the main reason it is dubbed one of the scariest films of the 90’s.

When it said it would get in your head, it meant it.

5. Scream


This film revitalized the horror movie.  Everyone thought it had died then Scream popped up like

The iconic film sparked a yearly outpour of related merchandise and supplied Halloween costumes for all the kids that were too old to dress up as disney princesses but too young to dress up as slutty (insert ANYTHING).

Costume and subsequent films aside Scream was a great movie with a simple concept. The realism of being home alone and answering a call on your house phone (RIP) and finding the killer to be a murderous psychopath is very realistic and really inspired fear from the masses due to this.

6. Tales from the hood

tales from the hood.jpg

I have a short attention span, movies have about 30 minutes of my undivided attention before I’m done.  That’s why movies such as this carefully crafted anthology horror flick appeal to me so much.  Tales from the Hood was directed by Spike Lee and contains a variety of pertinent issues subtly interjected in its scary context.  Issues such as police brutality, mass incarceration, and racism from elected officials were explored in this film and are still pertinent today.  Tales from the Hood is like Tales from the Crypt mixed with Boyz in the Hood and presidential debate.  This diversity leads to why Tales from the Hood is one of the ’90’s best scary movies.

7. The Blair Witch Project

the blair witch project

This film is the King of suspense!  Viewers were on the edges of their seats for over an hour in anticipation of what “could happen”.

8.  Hocus Pocus

hocus pocus

This is literally every 90’s kids’ movie!  This movie just symbolizes the good ole days when you didn’t have to pay bills and before student loan payments.  When you actually got presents that weren’t alcohol and your biggest issue was whether or not that cute boy in class liked you.  Good times.

good times

Now it’s 25 years (feel old now?) after its release in 1993 and the phenomenal acting, memorable lines (“he’s a little leaguer!”) and phenomenal costume design stand out to me.  Those elements combined with the unique plot as well as the addition of nostalgia make this film one of the best scary movies everrrr.

9. The Good Son

the good son.jpg

This movie showed us all the evil side of the kid from Home Alone.  Kevin was done playing harmless tricks on two idiots and was ready to murder some people.  This movie exemplifies juxtaposition.  It’s akin to a literary classic.  This is a great movie.

10. I know what you did last summer

i know what you did last summer.jpg

This 1997 cult classic film inspired a slew of jokes from the title.  My favorite pun is the following one from Family Guy.

But jokes aside, the acting and the plot of this movie was’t phenomenal.  In fact, the story was a bit predictable.   It was the eerie feeling of foreboding and resulting pop phenomenon of the film that cemented it’s place as one of the best scary films.

What is your favorite scary film from the ’90s?  Do you agree with this list?

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25 Halloween memes

My love for Halloween has  been expressed thoroughly in THIS post.   My love of memes has also been expressed thoroughly in THIS post.  So you know I couldn’t resist posting Halloween memes.  25 carefully selected Halloween memes are below.  Enjoy!

1, He’s been waiting all year for this


2, The best way to eat candy on Halloween


3. Christmas is always trying to take Halloweens shine


4. Grumpy cat on Halloween


5.  Dressing up as a woman


6. When cute tries to be scary



7. Guess who he’s talking to?


8.  I have love for all the witnesses out there and don’t hide when you come lol


9.  Black cat


10. Is it ever too early for Halloween?


11. Scary movie characters be like…


12. That’s when you’re the prettiest


13..  Couples costume idea


14. Christmas won’t let Halloween be great


15.  Costume confusion


16. Jack o lantern idea


17. The best part about having kids on Halloween


18. Neighbors..


19. Halloween decorations


20. Political take on Halloween


21.  Ghosts on Halloween


22..  90% of grown and single adults halloween costume


23. Iron Man


24.  Too many of us can relate to this lol


25. This movie never gets old


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Halloween Costumes from the thrift store

Halloween is my third favorite holiday.  Preceding it are the other chill holidays, Easter and Martin Luther King Jr. day,  The fact that Halloween is holding the bronze medal for holidays does not make it any less fantastic in my eyes.

My holiday ranking list is most comparable to the times garnered in a 100 meter race.  They are extremely close together being determined by mere hundredths of a second.


So, to sum it all up,  don’t underestimate my love for Halloween.  I love everything about it from the eerie feeling it gives, to the candy (especially the candy), to my favorite: the costumes!

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween.  I have a twin brother, and you know there’s nothing cuter than a couples costume.  Then when you add a pinch of cute kids the outcome is a successful halloween night.

black kids

This isn’t us, but it’s something our mom would do.

Our mom dressed us up as everything from Barney and Betty Boop to a cowboy and indian (this was the 90s people, no one even heard of cultural appropriation back then).  When I was under the age of 15 a successful Halloween night meant several bagfuls of candy, nowadays it means other things…

But the takeaway from this post is that if you look memorable on Halloween night the great pumpkin will bless you with a successful night!  Also I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to Halloween costumes (not to brag but I have 9 “Best costume” awards just saying) and I actually practice what I preach!


So read more to discover how to make a unique costume with pieces found at the thrift store!

Gothic Girl


I actually wore this costume to a Halloween club event a few years back.  I don’t have any pictures of it because I had just turned 21 and didn’t know how to drink yet without getting wasted, so needless to say I don’t really remember much after leaving my residence hall (thank god those times are over).  The brief times that I do remember are that this costume looked pretty yet creepy, it wasn’t your typical slutty costume that isn’t even scary.  That it was not made it unique and memorable.

Little Leaguer


That scene on Hocus Pocus when the little sister tries to defend her big brother and proclaims that he’s dressed as a “little leaguer” is so iconic.  Being a little leaguer for a Halloween costume would actually be a great costume.

Spice Girl


If you’re a 90’s kid, chances are you can finish the verse “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my __________”.  The Spice Girls was iconic!  I don’t know about you, but I definitely wanted a gang of friends who had my back like that.  They also promoted diversity before it was dubbed “advantageous”.  The Spice Girls is a really great group costume.



Stephen Kings Carrie is remembered visually for the scene in which the main character sports an evening gown covered in pigs blood, switch the pigs blood with a faux blood mixture of kool-aid and jello and pour it over a cheap 80’s formal dress from the thrift store (don’t worry, the faux blood washes out easily) and you have the greatest and cheapest halloween costume!

Couples costume: Egyptian Queen and king


YES for this costume, it doesn’t even need words it speaks for it, it speaks for itself!   Just look at it!  Oh and if you know the guy in the picture tell him keep doing what he’s doing.  He has a beautiful woman AND a banging body!



This costume is a triple threat!  It’s cute, unique, and EASY. This is a great last minute costume idea.

Festival goer


This is a fun costume perfect for those Halloween parties when you want a cute costume that’s not scary or too slutty.

Prom Queen


When I hear Prom Queen I first think of that bad lil wayne song lol.  I’m sure other people think fondly of prom, not me.  The drama surrounding it (my friends ex took another girl and those are fighting moves for teenagers, and then I would have to fight with her because that’s my friend and I looked too cute to be fighting) and the high cost of it turned me off.  But this costume is cheap and Halloween parties are usually free!

Volleyball player


Volleyball is a serious sport which requires just as much skill and athleticism as any other sport.  The fact that the players have to wear those tight spandex shorts that make their butt look good does not take away from this.

But seriously volleyball players have the most memorable uniforms of any sport.  Also,  Dressing like them is a lot more unique than the played out cheerleader costume.

Captain underpants


In a world where there’ a resurgence in the popularity of superheroes; everyone wants to be like them.  Batman has let it be known that you don’t have to have powers to be a superhero, just money and good looks.  Captain Underpants has none of those things and sitll manages to attempt to fight crime.  He is an inspiration to all and on Halloween you can honor him by dressing up as him!

This costume is so funny and unique.  If you think about it wearing underwear in public is akin to wearing swimsuit bottoms, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so you could put them over leggings or jeans.

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