Be intimate during the summer

Turn off the lights, and light a candle… Summer is not as romantic as one would think. It’s hot, sticky, and full of mosquitos. To top it all of kids are out of school and bored, so to entertain themselves they come eat up all your food and bother you. Even when they’re not yours. Many of us actually dislike summer and romanticize it only … Continue reading Be intimate during the summer


Camming while on your period

In my last camgirl post I stated that in the next camgirl post I would explore the signs of horniness within males; but as Wendy Williams notoriously says “a woman is allowed to change her mind” and after doing hours of pointless research, I have. The signs of horniness in males did not offer a very vast or interesting list. Basically, if a guy smiles … Continue reading Camming while on your period