Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth is finally here and I am excited!

My level of love for Juneteenth is equivalent of that of that when syrup first met pancakes.

If you do not know what Juneteenth is you should first be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

When you are done being ashamed you can gain the knowledge of Juneteenth. Juneteenth is defined as “a festival held annually on the nineteenth of June by African Americans (especially in the southern states), to commemorate emancipation from slavery in Texas on that day in 1865.”. What this fancy definition fails to say is that it is also one of those holidays. By that I mean those holidays in which everybody and their mama stops by unannounced to grab a plate of food, gossip, or both!

“Gurrrrrl guess what I heard!”

This random group of people can include a distant cousin, an older “auntie” who expects you to remember her babysitting you when you were two years old, and your current crush.

You just never know who you are going to see on Juneteenth. It’s like hearing a knock at your door on Purge night.

It could be a friendly, terrified potential victim.

Or a group of mass murderers.

You just never know what you gonna get, life is like a box of chocolates, right?

So I’m guessing you want to look good when your future husband walks in the door.

Or former babysitter/ Auntie.

In an effort to look presentable to elders but still sexy to the future hubby I recommend a maxi dress!

Maxi dresses are the perfect outfit to appease everyone. They are long, loose, and modest so they are good for the elder. Then when you turn around….

As the famous philosopher Aubrey Drake Graham once said “I hate it when she go, but I love to watch her leave.”.

To find the perfect maxi dress to wear to your Juneteenth celebration that will not break the bank I recommend buying one from the thrift store!

One that I love is this cute and light weight hi-low black maxi dress.

The ruffles on the hemline add just the right amount of movement. The light weight fabric allows you to be cool while socializing at your Juneteenth celebration. I initially found this dress at a department store for $273.00!

Thankfully Thredup had it for only $33.50.

My next recommendation is this cute and sexy white sundress from shopgoodwill.com. Originally from White House Black Market, the price of this piece originally was a lot higher than the $15.00 price tag found at goodwill!

The affordable dress is fashioned using a lightweight tulle fabric and affixed with a bow. Few can deny that bows are cute, however the bow is used to hide a belt that cinches in the waist and gives you the perfect hourglass shape.

But even the dresses above are gone you can always put on pants and go buy the perfect dress to wear on Juneteenth at a physical thrift store!

or don’t…

Good luck and Happy Juneteenth!

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Thrift find! Twilight Zone

One of the thrift finds that I covet the most is the item below. A box set of Twilight Zone dvds. I found them a few years ago at a thrift store in Ybor City, a neighborhood located in Tampa, Florida. I was in Tampa because I went to undergraduate at the University of South Florida aka the best school everrrrr (Go Bulls!)

I went to the Thrift Store looking for clothes. I was not looking for a specific clothing item, just clothing items in general. When my search for clothes proved fruitless I decided to browse the electronics section. I had resigned myself to walking away empty handed when I saw this beautiful item. Like a sore thumb this collection stood out from the rest. In pristine condition the packaged dvds did not fit the hoard of print stained dvds surrounding them.

They also stood out due to the bold colored admission of being The Twilight Zone. I absolutely LOVE The Twilight Zone. Memories from my childhood of binge-watching episodes on the day long marathons of the show were drummed up. As well as watching the VHS (yes, I’m old) of The Twilight Zone Movie when I was younger (I was probably too young to be watching that movie…).

Having the option to “enter the Twilight Zone” over and over again at will was too good of an opportunity to pass up and I purchased the memorabilia.

The box set highlights a time period that frames the third dimension perfectly. A period in time that many of us today cannot imagine. A period where aliens spoke English and the United Nations was devoid of African country’s. Part of the eeriness of` The Twilight Zone is the setting and how it is foreign to many of its current viewers and thus leads one to subconsciously believe that the events in the episodes are plausible.

This intrinsic element of time and place is one threated by the upcoming revival of the Twilight Zone.  I do question whether the plots and writing will be as good as the original or just mediocre adaptations of lesser known movies like the directors most notable work The Skeleton Key 2 aka Get Out.

Jordan Peele does seem good at stealing the ideas of others and revamping them so his revival attempt might actually be decent.

I just wish the show was titled something other than The Twilight Zone.

This revival does not have any of the elements that we know and love. Elements such as building a bomb shelter because the Japs might nuke us or having pay phones.

Yet I’m still going to watch it, but I won’t like it.

Will you be tuning in?

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The devil’s in the details

All throughout elementary and middle school I had to wear a uniform to school.

A photographer I am not

Having to conform in regards to the majority of your outfit made people more apt to express their individuality through the details. Sewing on funky buttons in place of the ordinary white ones on your uniform shirt or donning an Hermes scarf in your hair were a few of the minor details used to make a school uniform unique. This attention to detail is one that can be adopted to fit your wardrobe even if you are not required to maintain a specific wardrobe. After all, the devils in the details ;).

“You can never be overdressed or over educated.”

-Oscar Wilde


Buttons go a long way in making a piece stand out. I like to remove the unique and colorful buttons from blazers that I get at the thrift store and place them on white button up shirts.


Unfortunately, the era of bulky statement jewelry is over.

The ending of this era was especially difficult for me because I have a lot of bulky necklaces. But at the risk of appearing “dated” I willingly traded in my bulky jewelry pieces for dainty minimalist jewelry. This is made easier by the low cost of jewelry from vendors on Alieexpress.

The low cost does result in poorer quality ( in my opinion) but at around 16 cents, what do you expect? I tend to buy 2 of everything, because it will either break or I’ll lose it.


My future fashion forecast is that the ascot will regain popularity.

I guessed correctly in regards to a lot of popular fashion trends. Including athleisure and colored hair or wigs. Backed by prior adequate predictions, my current prediction is pretty stable.

But even if wrong, the advice to don a colorful scarf is a great way to make an outfit memorable.


Often tooted as the forgotten accessory wearing a brooch is no longer reminiscent of a grandma.

Brooches come in a variety of shapes and patterns and can express parts of your personality aesthetitiacally. To modernize the classic brooch wear several different ones that fit one cohesive theme. For example, I have a set that’s dog themed. It consists of a brooch fashioned like a paw print, one that’s a dog bone, one in a pug face, one that’s a doghouse, and one that’s a dog food bowl. Wearing them all at once on the lapel of a solid colored jacket helps to make your outfit more visually appealing.


I am a huge fan of layers and believe that every outfit needs a blazer, cardigan, denim jacket or something . This ideology works to my detriment in 100 degree weather, but works out well when I step into businesses and they have the air conditioning set to 30 degrees for some reason.

Either way the appeal and fashion of a uniquely patterned outer layer with a solid colored inward one cannot be denied.

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Reasons why Thrifting is good for the environment (and you!)



Ahhhh 2018 :).  This will forever be the year of colored hair and vegans.  The year in which reducing carbon footprints are prioritized and recycling is almost mandatory.  The year were you will be canceled for putting your  groceries in a plastic bag and Earth Day is bigger than Easter in some cities.  (sidenote-Easter is my favorite holiday, it’s so chill!).

Everything is getting a green tint, why not dye your wardrobe green?  I don’t mean literally dye your clothes green.  Green ain’t for everybody.


So if you can’t  pull of the color green, don’t fret!  You can turn your wardrobe green in another, more important, way.  You can actively get your wardrobe from an environmentally conscious place, thrift stores!  So following are 5 reasons why thrift stores are good for the environment and society, also included are the reasons why thrifting is good for self.

Reduces waste and pollution


Landfills are full of clothing that is thrown away instead of being reused.   According to the Environment Select Committee textile waste had risen from 7% of total waste to 30% in the last five years, claiming the rise of fast fashion chains were to blame for the phenomenon.  Americans, specifically, are to blame for filling landfills with thousands of pounds each year in clothing waste.  This significant increase in textile waste contributing to the over indulged landfills can be reduced by eliminating the throwing away of used clothing and by buying and reselling clothing secondhand.

Directly benefits charity


Most of us would love to volunteer at an animal shelter or feed the hungry in a soup kitchen line, but with our hectic schedules volunteering directly is out of reach.  Thankfully for less than a dollar a day you can help someone in need; and no, I am not talking about those big eyed precious dogs on that commercial.

I’m talking about people and organizations!  (Organizations that could possibly include the SPCA, which the big eyed Eyes of an Angel commercial is for.  I found that out in my research,  I can’t be the only one who had no idea what that commercial was actually for lol).  Most thrift stores are directly associated with a charity organization.  Also notable is the fact that Goodwill employs differently abled people!  They don’t just claim that they do then actually don’t, like every other organization.


 Reduces the high costs of production

2018-10-16 (2)

As beautiful as it is to think that clothes just appear out of thin air and then appear in stores for us to buy that is not true.  The truth is that an article of clothing, regardless of price, requires large amounts of time and manpower as well as materials from various countries to produce.  In addition to that high costs related to transport are also associated with that. Teleportation of clothing items is not an option (yet).  The environmental costs associated with producing an item are significant, those costs are eliminated when buying  an item secondhand at a thriftstore.

Promotes diversity among aesthetics


In a world where every other person is rocking a babydoll top from H&M  it’s easy to feel like everyone looks the same.  When still victim to the world of fast fashion I felt as if I was a citizen in a dystopian novel where people had to wear uniforms.  The costume set for women was a pair of skinny jeans and a plain cotton top, preferably babydoll.  I was faced constantly by this de facto uniform that muted the diversity amongst individuals.  Luckily thrift stores came along.  With the advent of thrifting one can stand out outwardly as much as they do internally. 

Thrifting is a cheap form of self-care

instagram selfie.jpg

Self-care is important.  Self-care is defined by Psych Central as “any activity that we deliberately do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health”.  The number one activity falling into this category for many of us is shopping!  Unfortunately, shopping often isn’t exactly good for the wallet.  When a self-care binge leads you to not being able to afford your rent it leads one to question how beneficial it is.  Fortunately,thrifting offers you a way to satisfy your need for self-care through shopping and also be able to pay your cellphone bill so that you can snap photos of you looking cute in your new clothes!

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Halloween Costumes from the thrift store

Halloween is my third favorite holiday.  Preceding it are the other chill holidays, Easter and Martin Luther King Jr. day,  The fact that Halloween is holding the bronze medal for holidays does not make it any less fantastic in my eyes.

My holiday ranking list is most comparable to the times garnered in a 100 meter race.  They are extremely close together being determined by mere hundredths of a second.


So, to sum it all up,  don’t underestimate my love for Halloween.  I love everything about it from the eerie feeling it gives, to the candy (especially the candy), to my favorite: the costumes!

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween.  I have a twin brother, and you know there’s nothing cuter than a couples costume.  Then when you add a pinch of cute kids the outcome is a successful halloween night.

black kids

This isn’t us, but it’s something our mom would do.

Our mom dressed us up as everything from Barney and Betty Boop to a cowboy and indian (this was the 90s people, no one even heard of cultural appropriation back then).  When I was under the age of 15 a successful Halloween night meant several bagfuls of candy, nowadays it means other things…

But the takeaway from this post is that if you look memorable on Halloween night the great pumpkin will bless you with a successful night!  Also I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to Halloween costumes (not to brag but I have 9 “Best costume” awards just saying) and I actually practice what I preach!


So read more to discover how to make a unique costume with pieces found at the thrift store!

Gothic Girl


I actually wore this costume to a Halloween club event a few years back.  I don’t have any pictures of it because I had just turned 21 and didn’t know how to drink yet without getting wasted, so needless to say I don’t really remember much after leaving my residence hall (thank god those times are over).  The brief times that I do remember are that this costume looked pretty yet creepy, it wasn’t your typical slutty costume that isn’t even scary.  That it was not made it unique and memorable.

Little Leaguer


That scene on Hocus Pocus when the little sister tries to defend her big brother and proclaims that he’s dressed as a “little leaguer” is so iconic.  Being a little leaguer for a Halloween costume would actually be a great costume.

Spice Girl


If you’re a 90’s kid, chances are you can finish the verse “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my __________”.  The Spice Girls was iconic!  I don’t know about you, but I definitely wanted a gang of friends who had my back like that.  They also promoted diversity before it was dubbed “advantageous”.  The Spice Girls is a really great group costume.



Stephen Kings Carrie is remembered visually for the scene in which the main character sports an evening gown covered in pigs blood, switch the pigs blood with a faux blood mixture of kool-aid and jello and pour it over a cheap 80’s formal dress from the thrift store (don’t worry, the faux blood washes out easily) and you have the greatest and cheapest halloween costume!

Couples costume: Egyptian Queen and king


YES for this costume, it doesn’t even need words it speaks for it, it speaks for itself!   Just look at it!  Oh and if you know the guy in the picture tell him keep doing what he’s doing.  He has a beautiful woman AND a banging body!



This costume is a triple threat!  It’s cute, unique, and EASY. This is a great last minute costume idea.

Festival goer


This is a fun costume perfect for those Halloween parties when you want a cute costume that’s not scary or too slutty.

Prom Queen


When I hear Prom Queen I first think of that bad lil wayne song lol.  I’m sure other people think fondly of prom, not me.  The drama surrounding it (my friends ex took another girl and those are fighting moves for teenagers, and then I would have to fight with her because that’s my friend and I looked too cute to be fighting) and the high cost of it turned me off.  But this costume is cheap and Halloween parties are usually free!

Volleyball player


Volleyball is a serious sport which requires just as much skill and athleticism as any other sport.  The fact that the players have to wear those tight spandex shorts that make their butt look good does not take away from this.

But seriously volleyball players have the most memorable uniforms of any sport.  Also,  Dressing like them is a lot more unique than the played out cheerleader costume.

Captain underpants


In a world where there’ a resurgence in the popularity of superheroes; everyone wants to be like them.  Batman has let it be known that you don’t have to have powers to be a superhero, just money and good looks.  Captain Underpants has none of those things and sitll manages to attempt to fight crime.  He is an inspiration to all and on Halloween you can honor him by dressing up as him!

This costume is so funny and unique.  If you think about it wearing underwear in public is akin to wearing swimsuit bottoms, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so you could put them over leggings or jeans.

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The Roach of the Thrift Store

In my last post I mentioned the prevalence of roaches here in Nawlins (New Orleans for my Yankees).  When I think of my city the first two things that come to my mind are roaches and poboys.  Not a roach po-boy, that’s a disgusting concept to me, but I’m sure its a common dish in some country so I apologize if that offends anyone.


Roaches and po boys aside.


I began thinking of what could actually be considered a roach.  The Houston Chronicle quoted that “Twinkies are said to be able to survive nuclear holocaust, but new science shows why cockroaches are just as hard to get rid of”.  I am basing my definition of roaches on this quote.  Based on this definition “roach” doesn’t mean scary insect that may or may not be able to fly and you won’t know until you try to kill it (sidenote: One of the scariest things ever is when a roach flies unexpectedly, if you have experienced this and lived kudos to you) it means something that has tenacity, something that will always be there.

At thrift stores that thing is the flannel shirt.

You literally cannot go into a thrift store without seeing at least one red and black lumberjack with the hat to match (RIP Biggie).  Also, like roaches, they are extremely hard to kill.  You can set it on fire, spill a glass of wine on it or leave it in the lost and found bin, that plaid button up will STILL stand smiling in your closet like


There’s something endearing about a clothing item that you know will always be there.  That you know you can walk into any thrift store and find.  That level of commitment can only be found in roaches and twinkies.

Not only is the flannel  invincible and bountiful, it’s also a symbol of American culture.

Arnold aka football head notoriously rocked one.


Notorious B.I.G rapped about it in Juicy.


It also was a 90’s fashion staple!

No matter where you are in the world the flannel shirt will remind you of home, like roaches (maybe that’s just me…).  So for that I crown the flannel shirt the roach of the thrift store.

What do you think the thrift store roach is?

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Cute ways to store your thrift finds

So you have purchased great things that you would like to sell from thrift stores, you have read through the guides on reselling here and here, you have read through my upcoming article containing tips on selling on eBay and poshmark, so now you are ready to start reselling!  Your only dilemma now is figuring out where to put all your inventory and supplies that you want to resell.

I know the struggle of accidentally wearing your new designer find that you intended to sell because it was in the closet with your clothes.  From that mistake I learned that it was best to separate my finds that I wanted to sell.  I also learned that it was better to have all of the items that you will use for reselling (shipping boxes, tape, scissors, etc.) stored in one place as well.  Of course I wanted my storage to look cute, because beautiful contents need to be stored beautifully.  So I have found several storage pieces that I use on  Amazon and I want to share them with you all!

Clothing rack



Clothing racks are everything.  They’re like a second closet on wheels.  Before I started reselling I would hang my frequently worn clothes on them; like my jean jacket that I always wear or a white tank top.  Now that I am reselling I hang up the clothes that I want to resell and put the shoes that I’m reselling below it.  I got the rack pictured from Amazon.

Storage boxes


I absolutely adore this storage box with two sides because it allows me to put practical items such as paper, scissors, tape,etc. on one side and smaller items that I plan to sell on the other.


I purchased this dresser from a thrift store a few weeks back and I swear I’m going to redo it!  It will look like an HGTV project, wait and see :).  Anyways, I love the idea of having a dresser specifically designated for clothes that you plan on reselling.  I found a cheap dupe on Amazon.



Bookshelves are a resellers best friend.  You can store your books on them obviously, but you can also use book shelves to store DVD;s, video games, toys, shoes, etc.  The house where I live has a built in bookshelf so I don’t have to buy an external one anymore, but below is my bookshelf recommendation!

Wall hangers


I got this wall hanger yearssss ago when I was a young bright eyed teenager ready to be scammed by nigerian princes and buy every beauty item some youtube said was good.  A lot has changed over the years but one thing has remained the same.  That’s this hangers ability to hang onto things.  This hanger will hang onto your relationship, grudges, clothes, etc.  It always has your back.  Whether you’re taking pictures or just hanging clothes to resell, wall hangers got you.

Like I said above I got this wall hanger on Amazon yearsssss ago and unfortunately they no longer sell it:(  But I was able to find this awesome dupe!

What are some nice ways that you have found to store items?

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Top 10 thrift memes

So it’s Sunday.  The day before Monday.  I can never truly relax on Sundays because I know that Monday is coming.  Like how you can’t really sleep deeply and get comfortable when you know there’s a rogue roach in your house that will crawl all over your face.  And before you think my house must be dirty because I have roaches, know that I’m from Louisiana, roaches don’t care how clean your house is here, they still will walk into the crib like

What is the roach of the north?  Or what won’t leave your vicinity no matter what?  If your answer is your significant other, pet, or family the following meme is for you:th


Ok roaches and husbands aside Sundays are pretty sweet.  They are the one day of the week when you can relax.  Usually your laundry’s done by then, your house is cleaned and your errands have been run, now you can relax.  Personally I love to relax by thrifting and then sorting my finds to the sweet voice of Bruce Bruce.  I love laughing and thrifting.  So to have them both is the equivalent of having pizza for dinner then donuts for dessert.

So on this beautiful day I want to give you “The top 10 thrift store memes” to help you relax!

1. Cheap clothes are the new black


2. Living Dangerously like Barrington Levy



3. Going in for one thing, coming out with ten


4. It’s never a right time to say goodbye


5, OG Thrifter


6. Donate


7. Good intentions


8. Bernie!


9. My face exactly


10.  What about the hipsters?


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You can always find this item at thrift stores


If you filled in the blank with “a blazer” you are correct.  Pat yourself on the back.  My favorite clothing item of all time is the blazer.  You can dress its up with a black pencil skirt and go to a meeting or dress it down with a body con dress and look cute and casual at the club.  Blazers are also super versatile in print.  You can have them the Will way or the Carlton way, its up to you.

That being said the Golden Age of the blazer was the decade of 1980.  Blazers were all the rage and fashion companies produced blazers in unique patterns, colors, and fabrics.  Blazers looked good and made being warm look fashionable.  Now in present day I want to be warm while still looking fashionable but blazers are not nearly as bountiful or unique in 2018 as they were in 1988.  You’d be lucky to find a blazer in a color other than black or blue and don’t even try to find a blazer in a pattern.

But if you’re like me and still love blazers in 2018 don’t fret because the thrift store got you.  A lot of the people that wore funny patterned blazers in the ’80’s grew up and unique blazers no longer fit their wardrobe so they donated them to thrift stores where people like you and I can buy them😀.  The only thing is that these blazers tend to have shoulder pads.  Luckily removing shoulder pads is really easy.

My favorite place to find blazers is a thrift store.  You can ALWAYS find at least one blazer that you like when thrifting, even when you’re not looking for it.  A couple of the blazers that I have found at thrift stores are below.  I got them all from Asos Marketplace!


This lovely striped blazer is my favorite clothing item right now..  Stripes are so hot!  I like wearing it with a plain tank, leather body con skirt, and heeled sandals.  Its perfect to wear for a night out.  Instead of wearing a statement necklace I wear a statement jacket.


The second blazer I want to mention is a cross between a jacket and a blazer, I call it a blazer but some people think its a jacket, what do you think?  Anyways, I love how ornate the buttons are as well as the pattern.  It gives me middle aged lady at church vibes.  It has a matching ankle length skirt and I wore it to church Sunday.


Ok, so I lied.  I said that the striped blazer was my favorite clothing item right now and it’s not.😖.  This blazer is.  Look at the pattern!  It gives All That tease.  (I’m a 90’s kid so that means something to me).  When I look at it everything around me disappears and I’m back sitting on the floor in my mawmaws house watching Pokemon.  Ahhh the nostalgia.

What’s your favorite thing to thrift?


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My thrift playlist

One of my thrifting tips is to thrift with music.  Thrifting is self-care, and with any socially accepted method of self care (massage, excercise, cleaning, meditation, etc.) it is accentuated by music.  So below I listed MY top 10 jams that I have to have in my thrifting playlist.

1.  Got Friends by Goldlink ft. Miguel

This is a modern tune with a mix of soul and flavor.  It is reminiscent of Ashanti and Ja Rule.  It’s the true bad and boujee of our day.  This song starts thrifting off right, it emulates how the thrift can be boujee or bad.

2. Love XYZ by Luke James

This is a slow tune with calming notes.  Luke James voice reminds me of a warn bath, and who doesn’t want to feel that?  Plus he’s my celeb crush and you know I have to listen to my man.


Throwback picture of bae with his homies

3. Is this love? by Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine’s voice covering a Bob Marley classic is a dream.

4. Guess who loves you more by Raheem DeVaugn

This is truly a hit that brings me back to the ’90’s.

5. Lucid by Cocaine 80’s

I personally love Cocaine 80″s and listen to them exclusively at thrifting adventures sometimes.  Their music utilizes a broad range of instruments and is soothing.  Honestly this spot could go to any Cocaine 80’s song.

6. You by Goapele ft. Dwele

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.  Ahh when I hear it I’m back on the bus in 8th grade with my iPod sitting in the middle with all of the other wannabe cool kids.  This song is really getting harder and harder to find so I’ll just put it here so that we can get it now.


7. Like a star by Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine is soooo underrated, this girl is an icon and this song proves it!  Smooth and slow like the majority of her songs this one stands out as it allows her to showcase her  true vocal range.

8. Yele by Wyclef Jean

Sung entirely in Haitian Kreyol this tune has a great melody and musical accompaniment so even if you do not know the language you will still be enjoyed.

9. Green eyes by Erykah Badu

The raspy voice of Erykah is the perfect voice to relax and thrift to.

10. You got me by The Roots and Erykah Badu

My favorite song by the Roots ever.  The lyrics, the flow, the drums, the bass,  everything is so on point.  THIS is how Hip hop is supposed to sound.

Your thrift playlist is supposed to be background music and not heavy with lyrical content, so avoid old school hip hop or conscious rap where they actually have bars.

Mumble rap should be fine then.

But your thrift playlist is like any playlist.  It should be unique to YOU and have music that gets you motivated and excited to do something.  I get motivated and refreshed by RnB, Afrocentric type music, what kind of music puts you in a good mood?

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